10+ Simple Resume Templates Sample

Resume Template in photoshop

Simple Resume Template for College Students A resume is an important and formal document that will be very useful for college students. This document should be applied when they want to apply for a new job. Since it is a document to be considered in the appliance, knowing the simple resume template is also important. Many … Read more

5+ Printable Venn diagram Templates Sample

Venn Diagram free psd template

Venn diagram Template and Things to Understand about It Venn diagram is an essential and very useful tool for the educator. This diagram will help to organize and display detailed information for the students. The teacher may create a Venn diagram during the lesson. That is why knowing the Venn diagram template, especially for the … Read more

10+ Printable Wedding Invitation Templates example psd design

Wedding Invitation in photoshop free download

Wedding Invitation Templates and What to Do in Making It A wedding invitation card is an important paper as the wedding preparation. This card will be sent to spread the wedding information to the visitors. When you want to make a good wedding card, knowing about the wedding invitation templates is a must to get more … Read more

5+ SWOT Analysis Templates Sample

SWOT free psd template

SWOT Analysis Template and What to Understand Inside It SWOT analysis is an important business strategy that will help you to learn about dimensions and aspects of the business plan. The SWOT itself is an acronym for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats. Inside the SWOT analysis template, there will be more details to know. Kinds … Read more

5+ Printable Lesson Plan template in PSD

Lesson Plan free download psd

How Lesson Plan Template Is Designed for Every Teaching There Is Being teacher is not an easy job. There is as much lesson as the student to teach. Thinking it only will make your head hurt. It is not effective since you can’t be sure about everything that way. So, it is only best for … Read more

10+ YouTube Banner template ideas

Youtube Banner in photoshop

Design Ideas of YouTube Banner Template to Choose One From Getting traffic is something you should aim when you run business online. Besides designing the website to be the first to appear on search engines, you can try other ways too, such as making banner. The best to use for it would be YouTube banner … Read more

10+ Printable Gift Certificate template free psd

Gift Certificate Template in photoshop free download

Various Kinds of Gift Certificate Template and How They Look Like Have you ever received gift certificate? Or are you wondering why we need one to get the gift? You should know what it is before you can use gift certificate template. This certificate is actually one people use to act as payment to avail … Read more

Google Slides Templates example psd design

Google Slide example psd design

What Use of Google Slides Templates for All Users to Benefit From Before, you had to write text on black or white board to do presentation. Today however, you can make things more convenient with Google slides templates. See the images we have to provide you here. You might not realize how much use you … Read more

10+ Printable Business Card Templates Sample

Business card Template in photoshop

Variety of Business Card Template to Get for Your Business Needs When you own business, running it is not all there is to it to do here. Need to be known, it is equally as important to promote your company and what you have to offer as well. Since you don’t have all the time … Read more

10+ Printable Restaurant Menu fTemplates Sample

Restaurant Menu free psd template

Restaurant Menu Template and Things to Understand Inside It When you want to build a new restaurant as your new business, of course, making the restaurant menu is what you need to do. Many samples of the restaurant menu template are available and provide a stunning menu to ease the potential customers find their favorite beverage. … Read more

10+ Printable Price List template free psd

price list in photoshop

Price List Template and Things to Know Inside It When you start your selling business, the price list becomes an important document that you need to make. Yes, detailed information inside the price list template will be the consideration by the potential customers before they agree to buy a thing –as they need. As its name, … Read more

10+ Bingo Card Templates Sample in photoshop

Bingo Card free psd template

Bingo Card Template and Steps to Make It Do you ever hear about the bingo card? Well, a bingo card is a medium to play the bingo game. In playing this game, each player will match the pre-printed card that has some different numbers. You may make the bingo card by your hand. That is … Read more

10+ YouTube Thumbnail template in PSD

Youtube Thumbnail in photoshop free download

YouTube Thumbnail Template and Things to Know About It When you upload some videos on YouTube, you need to know about the YouTube thumbnail template. Something interesting about the YouTube thumbnail is this matter can help you to grab the attention of the people as the target viewers. On another hand, the YouTube thumbnail is … Read more

10+ Printable Wedding Timeline template

wedding timeline in photoshop free download

Wedding Timeline Template | Preparing a Perfect Wedding Reception Timeline A wedding is a special event that involves a lot of preparation. One of the ways to manage the schedule for a wedding event is by using the timeline. The wedding timeline template gives samples that guide you to create an excellent itinerary that perfectly fits with … Read more

10+ Teacher Resume template

Resume Teacher in photoshop free download

Teacher Resume Template | Free Writing Guides, Skills, and Tips Applying a position in a job must be prepared carefully. If you are one of those who are preparing for job applications, checking at this teacher resume template can be helpful. To work in an education subject such as being a teacher requires several skills. As an … Read more

10+ Printable CD Cover Template example psd design

CD cover in photoshop free download

CD Cover Template | Free Customize, Editable, Design Sample Try out these new collections of CD cover templates for free, here! Creating a cover design for music CDs can be a hard task to do especially if you want to find the best match that can portray your music idea very well. However, these new collections … Read more

10+ Editable Magazine template free

magazine in photoshop free download

Magazine Cover Free PSD Samples, Photos, and Unlimited Stocks Be the master of editorial magazine design with this unlimited inspirational magazine cover template. Supporting various templates to create a perfect magazine cover for any professional magazine editorial purposes, by using this template you can stand ahead on the line. Working in an editorial magazine leads you … Read more

10+ Magazine Cover template in PSD

Magazine Cover in photoshop free download

Amazing Magazine Cover Template PSD Free Bringing up our best collections of magazine cover templates, here are some of the amazing samples that can be used for free. To support the magazine publishing marketing, we offer a lot of different designs with various themes. Making a customized design with a stunning look is possible. By following … Read more

10+ Trading Card psd template

Trading Card in photoshop free download

Trading Card Template and Interesting Matters Inside It A trading card is known as a collectible card. Its size is small and usually made using thick paper or paperboard. This card can be a new business since those are people looking for it as their collection. That is why knowing about the trading card template is … Read more

10+ Printable Graduation Announcement template free psd

graduation announcement in photoshop free download

Graduation Announcement Template and Things to Understand Inside It Graduation is a special and important moment. It is evidence of people’s achievement. Many times, graduation will be celebrated. That is why knowing the graduation announcement template is needed to ease you spreading the news about graduation to your families and friends. As a common announcement, the … Read more

10+ Printable Party Invitation Template example psd design

party invitation in photoshop free download

Party Invitation Template and Steps to Make It Party still becomes a favorite kind of celebration. Yes, having a party can be an option to celebrate achievement and a way to gather with old friends while enjoying happiness. That is why knowing the party invitation template is needed –it can ease you in making the card … Read more

10+ Printable Wedding Seating Chart template free

wedding seating chart in photoshop free download

Wedding Seating Chart Template and What to Understand Inside It A wedding needs a complex preparation to make sure that this agenda will run smoothly as it is planned without any problem. Many preparations are arranged to make sure that all agendas are under control, including the wedding seating chart template. Well, do you ever … Read more

10+ Printable Certificate of Completion template in PSD

certificate of completion in photoshop free download

Certificate of Completion Template and What to Know About It The certificate of completion is an important document that is provided by an organization to those who complete a course or a learning process. When you stay as the management, of course, knowing the certificate of completion template is important. This kind of certificate can be … Read more

10+ Printable Class Schedule template

class Schedule in photoshop free download

Class Schedule Template and What to Understand Inside It Besides the material preparation, the class schedule becomes an important thing to be prepared by the teacher. By using the class schedule, I am sure that the teaching hour can be arranged maximally. That is why a teacher needs to know more about the class schedule … Read more

10+ Acting Resume template free psd

acting resume free psd template

Acting Resume Template and What to Understand Inside It For those who want to start their acting career, making the acting resume is an important matter to be done. The acting resume can be a document to show personal information, including the background, level of education, and others. Of course, to ease you in making … Read more

10+ Cover Page Template example psd design

cover page in photoshop

Cover Page Template and Things to Know Inside It The cover page is an important part of the paper, especially for the academic and professional arenas. This part of the paper will be the first matter to be seen by the readers. That is why knowing about the cover page template is needed to help you … Read more

10+ Printable Gift Card template free

Gift Card free psd template

Gift Card Template and What to Understand Inside It Do you ever hear about the gift card? Well, a gift card is a prepaid stored-value money card. In common, it is provided by the bank and retails as appreciation for the customers in making some transactions. When you want to make this card, knowing the … Read more

10+ Twitch Banner template in PSD

twitch banner in photoshop free download

Twitch Banner Template and Things to Understand Inside It Do you ever hear about the twitch banner? Well, a twitch banner is a part of the page that has a common function as a cover image of the header. Of course, a twitch banner can be a way to promote the detailed page or create … Read more

10+ Recipe Card template

recipe card in photoshop free download

Recipe Card Template Samples with Editable Designs A recipe card is different from a cookbook. A recipe card means a guide for a single recipe. It ensures all he needed info the readers want is read in detail. The goal is that anyone can produce prestige results in making foods. If you want to make … Read more

10+ Instagram Post template free psd

Instagram post in psd design

10+ Customizable Instagram Post Template Designs We all know that Instagram becomes one of the most popular social media channels in the world today. This social media platform is used for different purposes such as business, friendship, information, etc. If you want an attractive Instagram post template, you can see our collections below. Using a … Read more

10+ Name Tag Template example psd design

name tag free psd template

Name Tag Template Designs for Different Occasions A name tag is an effective idea to get people acquainted with each other. As we know, not knowing the names of people in a gathering is awkward. With a name tag, you can start a conversation comfortably with other people. If you are interested, you can use … Read more

10+ Save the Date template free

save the date free psd template

7+ Creative save the Date Templates Designs In a wedding plan, a save the date card often becomes a preliminary card sent to guests before the actual invitation. For other events and celebrations like birthday, it is usually considered as the invitation card itself. In this article, we have so many save the date templates for … Read more

10+ Book Report template in PSD

book report free download psd

Customizable Book Report Template and Samples Typically, a book report is given to students as an assignment in the elementary & middle school. Students are tasked to fill out a form. They have to answer basic questions about a book they are assigned to read. If you want to learn more about it, you can … Read more

10+ Gift Tag template

gift tag free psd template

Customizable Gift Tag Template Designs A gift tag adds impression to friends, family, co-workers, etc. It can be used for graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. A gift tag means a small piece of paper that contains a short phrase with space for the recipient’s & giver’s names. We have a gift tag template that will help you. … Read more

10+ Research Poster template free psd

Research Poster free psd template

Research Poster Template Designs and Guides It is very important to learn how to make a research poster template because it is often used in presentations, conferences, etc., especially in the academic community. This document summarizes the information or research in an attractive and concise way to publicize this info & start discussions. How to Make … Read more

10+ Funeral Program Template example psd design

funeral program in photoshop

Editable Funeral Program Template and Guidelines If a death happens, nothing can turn back. To organize a funeral proceeding, you may need to make a funeral program. It is a simple document that features a timeline breakdown of the order of proceeding & features. If you do not know how to make it, you can … Read more

10+ Seating Chart template free

seating chart in photoshop free download

Seating Chart Template Samples and Tips For a certain event, seating arrangement is one of the most important things to be planned. By making a seating chart, all the guests will be much more organized. It is not as easy as you imagine. Therefore, we provide you a seating chart template you can use as your … Read more

10+ Birthday Invitation template in PSD photoshop

birthday invitation in photoshop free download

Birthday Invitation Templates Samples and Guidelines If you plan to hold a birthday party, it is a good idea to inform your family, friends, and neighbors. To inform them, you need to make a birthday invitation. This can be a fun task but it may also be frustrating. To ease your task, we provide the … Read more

10+ T-shirt Design template sample

t shirt in photoshop

T-shirt Design Template Maker | Designs PSD Free Templates A clothing company must think about innovation to promote their products. Every product that the company sells must look attractive and can gain people’s interest to buy the stuff. In doing so, the T-shirt design template here helps you to expand your ideas. You will get … Read more

10+ Printable Raffle Ticket template free psd

raffle ticket in photoshop

Raffle Ticket Template | Quick Free Printable Blank Template In a gambling game, there are a lot of ways to win the prize including by giving a coupon to the customers. This coupon is mostly known as a raffle ticket. The raffle ticket template is needed when you want to create a coupon or ticket for the … Read more

5+ Printable Organizational Chart Template example psd design

organizational chart free psd template

Organizational Chart Template | Editable Free Creative PSD Sample Designs When you involve in a business or organizational meeting, it is important to prepare the presentation very well. One of the best presentation sessions comes with slides. To prepare a perfect meeting you will need this organizational chart template to start with. Why Do You Need an … Read more

10+ Thank You Card template free

thank card in photoshop free download

Thank You Card Printable, Customizable, and Custom PSD Free Template A Thank You card can be used for business, family party, or personal thanking card. A Thank You card template gives you plenty of samples that can be printed, edited, and customized based on what the person needs. To create a beautiful card, take a look … Read more

10+ Meal Planning template sample

meal planning free download psd

Meal Planning Template for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Schedule Creating a meal planning can help to make an arranged meal schedule. Having a schedule is a good way to keep up with the activities and the stick on the responsibilities of making a proper meal. The meal planning template can help to create a perfect planning … Read more

10+ Wanted Poster template ideas

wanted poster free download psd

Wanted Poster Template and What to Know Inside It The wanted poster is a document distributed to let the common people and public know about a specific searched person because of some cases and other businesses. Well, these are many options for the wanted poster template to be known as the reference before you make it. … Read more

10+ Printable Grocery List template free psd

grocery list template for photoshop

Grocery List Template to Cut the Shopping Time Visiting the grocery shop to buy some matters sometimes can be a tedious activity, especially when there is no preparation before it. Well, many people spend more time in the store and they also spend more budget to buy unnecessary items. That is why considering the grocery … Read more

4+ Flow Chart Template example psd design

Flow Chart free psd template

Flow Chart Template and What to Know Inside It For the presentation needs, a flow chart can be seen as an important part to be explored. In simple terms, this matter is a graphical presentation that shows the algorithm or process. Of course, to make a good presentation with clear information, knowing the flow chart … Read more

10+ Email Signature template free

Email Signature in photoshop free download

Email Signature Template and Its Details to Know Nowadays, social media platforms and texting are very popular as simple communication way. Many applications come to connect people around the world. However, an email still becomes a good option, especially for professional uses. That is why knowing about the email signature template is needed. Some people say … Read more

3+ Flower Shop Postcard template

Flower Shop Postcard templates Sample

Flower Shop Postcard and how to make it interesting  Starting to open a flower shop is one of the best businesses in this era. The Flowers shop has many benefits so that you need to create a Flower Shop Postcard to promote your flowers. With this idea, you will get the satisfaction business because your … Read more

3+ Laundry Postcard template

Laundry Postcard Design Ideas

Laundry Postcard and how to interest the readers very well The new small business in this era like laundry will need something to promote it well. One of the best ideas to boost the customer’s interest in creating Laundry Postcard. This idea is important because it is needed as a promotion media to the wider … Read more