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YouTube Thumbnail Template and Things to Know About It

When you upload some videos on YouTube, you need to know about the YouTube thumbnail template. Something interesting about the YouTube thumbnail is this matter can help you to grab the attention of the people as the target viewers.

Youtube Thumbnail in photoshop

On another hand, the YouTube thumbnail is also excellent as a way to affect the search ranking on YouTube. Of course, through an interesting YouTube thumbnail, the chance to be the favorite video searched by the viewers will be higher and bigger.

Youtube Thumbnail in psd design

Here, we will talk to you about the YouTube thumbnail and its details. For those who are curious about it, please take a seat and read the following writings below.

Why is YouTube Thumbnail Important?

As we have said before, the YouTube thumbnail is an important matter to be considered when you make a YouTube channel and upload some videos. Many people say that a YouTube thumbnail is like a cover of a book. It will be the first matter to be seen by the viewers.

Youtube Thumbnail psd template free

Maybe, you have heard about a proverb “don’t judge a book by its cover”. However, the cover still becomes the consideration by the people before they buy a book. That is why thinking about YouTube thumbnail is needed.

Youtube Thumbnail template for photoshop

When your channel has a stunning YouTube thumbnail, of course, the viewers that see it for the first time will interest. On another side, when your thumbnail is very usual, they will let the video unseen. Fortunately, YouTube allows the users to customize the thumbnail, so you can show your creativity there.

YouTube Thumbnail Best Size

These are some matters to be considered in making the YouTube thumbnail, including its size. The size of the thumbnail is very important to be considered to maximize the result when you make the thumbnail.

About the size of YouTube thumbnail, these are some points to know, as:

  • The perfect size of the YouTube thumbnail is 1280×720 pixels
  • The aspect ratio for the YouTube thumbnail is 16:9
  • Make sure that the YouTube thumbnail you made is 640 pixels wide minimally
  • The image for the YouTube thumbnail should be under 2 MB
  • The formats of the YouTube thumbnail image are PNG, GIF or JPG

Youtube Thumbnail template free psd

How to Make YouTube Thumbnail?

To make a good YouTube thumbnail, these are some steps that you need to follow. To ease you in making it, you can use the template or generator. It is very helpful since there is a default scheme of the YouTube thumbnail to be applied.

Youtube Thumbnail customizable psd design template

First, you just need to visit the website of the YouTube thumbnail to get the default scheme. Then, upload the photo for the YouTube thumbnail or you can choose the templates.

Youtube Thumbnail example psd design

The next thing to do is adding kinds of text, clipart, and background for the YouTube thumbnail. Make sure that it is appropriate with the theme of your YouTube video.

Tips to Make YouTube Thumbnail

The basic thing to follow after finding the YouTube thumbnail template is using the image from the video. It is very essential to deliver a better view and description. On another hand, you need to custom the graphic to get an excellent look at the YouTube thumbnail.

Youtube Thumbnail free download psd


YouTube Thumbnail Sample Template 

Youtube Thumbnail free psd template Youtube Thumbnail in photoshop free download

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