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Customizable Gift Tag Template Designs

A gift tag adds impression to friends, family, co-workers, etc. It can be used for graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. A gift tag means a small piece of paper that contains a short phrase with space for the recipient’s & giver’s names. We have a gift tag template that will help you.

gift tag in psd design

Using a Custom Gift Tag Template

You can use the following PSD gift tag template for any purpose. Usually, a gift tag comes with a gift package. One of the examples is a decorative item tag for holiday. Besides that, you may also create and use a party favor tag.

gift tag in photoshop free download

For the next usage, there is a wedding shower or baby shower gift tag. Other examples include a wedding sparkler tag, graduation day tag, table place tag, nameplate tag, Thank You gift tag, luggage tag, business tag, party invitation tag, recipe tag, clothing tag, banner tag, and picture ID tag.

Tips to Make a Gift Tag Easily

First of all, you will have to use a creative gift tag template PSD available here. With our template, you can create your desired gift tag effortlessly. After you pick the appropriate template, you can directly edit it. Using Photoshop, you can change the color, font, image, text, etc.

gift tag psd template free

Then, you still need to evaluate it once again to ensure that there is no error grammar, error spelling, etc. After you are sure, you can directly print it out. Finally, you should give it to the recipients whether they are your family, friends, etc.

How to Write a Gift Tag

It is important to know what to write on a gift tag PSD template. You can directly start with the words or phrase you want to say. It depends on the occasion. For example, you can write “Special Delivery”, “Happy Birthday”, “Happy Wedding”, “Happy Anniversary”, etc.

gift tag in photoshop

After that, you will have to write the name of the recipient. For example, you can write “To: My Little Son, Edward”. Then, what you need to write is the name of the giver. You can simply write “From: Your Beloved Father and Mother”, for example.

gift tag template free psd

If you want more samples, here they are. You may write “Joy to the World” for a Christmas gift, “Always and Forever” for a Valentine’s Day gift, “For all you do” for a Mother’s Day gift, “Awesome couple” for a wedding gift, “Chase your dreams” for a graduation gift, etc.

Gift Tag Template Design Ideas

When it comes to PSD gift tag template designs, there are some things to consider. First, you should think about the background and color. Besides that, you also have to decide the font including its style, color, and size. Then, you must design the shape.

gift tag template for photoshop

For example, you can consider a gift tag template with a square shape. A rectangular gift tag will be another popular alternative. Other shapes you can consider include round, oval, and free shape. You can even consider a 2-fold gift tag, a 3-fold gift tag, and many more.

Gift Tag Template Sample 

gift tag customizable psd design template

gift tag example psd design

gift tag free download psd

gift tag free psd template

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