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Flashcard Template and Tips to Make It

In teaching activity, a flashcard becomes an alternative medium to be used. This card is known as a notecard with a question on one side and the corresponding answer on the other side. Since it is interesting to teach, knowing the flashcard templateĀ is also important.

Flash Card in psd design

By the different information each side of the flashcard, an individual can check the different information many times and it will ease them in the learning phase. On another hand, with many templates available, making a creative flashcard by needs can be done easily.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Flashcard for Study

The flashcard can be an option for delivering the material of the learning process. However, this way has some advantages and disadvantages that should be known before.

Flash Card psd template free

For the learning process, a flashcard is interesting to ease both teacher and learner to learn the material. As we know, they can check the question and answer easily. On another hand, a flashcard is also a cheap learning strategy since you just need to print a card to have it.

Flash Card templates psd

However, the flashcard has a small size as a card. The limited space of the flashcard sometimes will limit the way to write both questions and answers. Besides, the readability level of a flashcard is not too good.

What to Consider in Making Flashcard?

To make a good flashcard, these are some matters to be considered first. The consideration will help you to find a better arrangement of the flashcard, so its function also will be maximal.

Flash Card template for photoshop

Something that you need to know about the flashcard is its purpose. The flashcard is not a card to make a summary. It is a medium to test the knowledge of the learner by giving a simple question.

Flash Card customizable psd design template

On another hand, the idea of the flashcard also should be considered. You cannot combine many ideas in a flashcard. Since a flashcard is a simple medium of learning, combining the complex answer cannot be accepted here.

Tips to Make a Good Flashcard

These are also some tips to be known for making a flashcard. Choosing the right size becomes the first tip that you need to do. A flashcard should be a handy card. That is why the size of it cannot be too high.

Flash Card example psd design

On another hand, choosing the right design of the flashcard is also needed. The design will influence the appearance of the flashcard. That is why for the stunning flashcard with better readability, you need to consider the color scheme and theme of the card.

Flash Card free psd template


In making the flashcard, you also need to consider the wording style. Since the flashcard has limited space and it is used as a learning medium, the used font should be standard. Do not use a too complicated font that maybe can blur the information inside the flashcard.

Flashcard Template PSD Files

These are some samples and options of the flashcard templateĀ on this page. All templates are available on PSD files, so it is easy to be edited. Get the template to make the best flashcard for supporting the learning process.

Flash Card free download psd

Flashcard Template Sample

Flash Card in photoshop free downloadFlash Card in photoshop

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