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Customizable Book Report Template and Samples

Typically, a book report is given to students as an assignment in the elementary & middle school. Students are tasked to fill out a form. They have to answer basic questions about a book they are assigned to read. If you want to learn more about it, you can use the following book report template.

book report free psd template

How to Write a Book Report Template

A simple book report contains a few sections. Every student has to understand the format. A book report always asks for the title, name of the author, name of the illustrator, and whether it is a picture book. So, you have to understand those elements well.

book report in photoshop free download

You also need to know that a simple PSD book report contains some other elements. They include setting, characters, plot, and your impressions. It may also ask you to describe a certain section of the event whether it is the beginning, middle, or end.

book report in photoshop

For a multi-page book report, you need o know that it is divided into 3 basic sections. After the introduction, it should be the main body and the conclusion. For the main body, you can make a subheading for every element. Anyway, you just have to make it simple and informative.

Types of Book Reports

Basically, there are 2 types of book reports PSD. The first is a simple or short book report. This kind of book report is handed by the teacher. It can be completed in only one night just like a homework assignment. Another type is a multi-page book report.

book report in psd design

The second one is made by students. It usually takes longer than one night to finish. You can find short or simple templates in a lot of fun book reports. This is suitable for children. On the other side, multi-page book reports are suitable for middle or high school students.

Tips for Completing a Book Report

There are some creative ideas to complete a creative book report PSD. First, you should write a review of the book. In this case, you must summarize the book without a plot. Besides that, you can also complete a book report by doing a diary.

book report psd template free

The next way is by interviewing one of the characters. You may ask about where they come from, what they think about the outcome, and why they did something important. Another idea is by writing a newspaper article. It can be about a big event by answering what, who, when, where, & why.

What to Do After Writing a Book Report

After you write your book report, it is called the “rough draft”. So, you still need to finish it. What you need to do is to read & mark to error punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc. if any. Then, you can directly customize the editable book report PSD.

book report template for photoshop

Last but not least, you still need to review it once again to ensure that there is no error and mistake anymore. Finally, you can print it out and submit it to your teacher. A book report template can be submitted in a printed form or via email.

Sample Book Report Template

book report template free psd

book report customizable psd design template book report example psd design book report free download psd

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