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Table of Contents Template and Things to Know Inside It

The table of contents –which is also known as TOC, is an important part of a paper, book, and other documents. It outlines the titles and gives some descriptions of some headlines. Since it is an important part, of course, knowing the table of contents template is needed.

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Some people say that making a TOC is quite difficult. It is because a TOC has a specific format with many bullets there added on each headline. Well, by using the template of TOC, of course, making this part of the document will be easier. You will find a default scheme of it there.

Benefits of Table Of Contents for Document

As we have said before, a TOC is an important part of the document. This part will be useful t make a good impression. With a good TOC, the made document will have a better professional appearance than a document without it.table of contents template template free psd

The next benefit of a TOC is materials arrangement. When the writer edits or creates a document, the TOC will help them outline and organize their thoughts. Of course, the paper will be more systematic.

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Providing the road map becomes another benefit and the reason why putting a TOC is needed. The readers will be easier to find the page that they want just by seeing the points inside the TOC. Of course, this easiness also will make the document easier to be discussed.

Typing Table Of Contents Manually

The most common option chosen by an individual in making a TOC is by typing it manually. It can be the fastest option to be chosen, especially when you are in a hurry.

To make the manual TOC, these are some steps to be followed, as:

  • Type the entries
  • Press the tab key on the keyboard and then type the page number for the first entry
  • Select the tab stop character. Click the Home tab option inside the paragraph group
  • Proceed to click the dialog box launcher of the paragraph that occur on the tab of page layout
  • Click tabs
  • Under the position of tab stop, type the preferred location of the page number
  • Click right under the alignment
  • Under the leader, click the preferred option and then follow by clicking OK
  • Press the enter key and then type the next entry
  • Repeat the procedure until the TOC finished

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How to Create Table Of Contents from Gallery

To ease you in making a TOC for your document, you can make this part of the document using the gallery of Microsoft Word. These are some simple steps to be followed in making a TOC, as:

  • Click at the preferred location for the TOC, which commonly occur at the beginning of the document
  • On the reference tab, in the table of the contents group, click the TOC option and then follow the style of the TOC that you want for your document
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Table Of Contents Template PSD Files

We have several samples of the table of contents template on this page. You can click the download button and then get it on your drive.

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