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Simple Resume Template for College Students

A resume is an important and formal document that will be very useful for college students. This document should be applied when they want to apply for a new job. Since it is a document to be considered in the appliance, knowing the simple resume template is also important.

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Many templates of the simple resume are available. The templates of the resume are very useful. It will show how the format of the resume is. On another hand, the templates also will guide you –as the maker, to create it easily. You do not need to make a resume from a blank document but just edit it.

What is the Importance of Simple Resume Templates?

As we have said before, the templates of the simple resume is an important matter to ease the making process. These are some importance of a college student resume templates, such as:

  • It will give the framework for the advisers when they make the recommendation letters
  • It can give the lists of the conversation points when there is a schedule of the admission interview
  • It is an important requirement for kinds of scholarships as well as the opportunities for employment

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Of course, since it is important, making a simple resume should be done carefully. The ways of making a simple resume also should consider a sense of professionalism.

How to Choose Simple Resume Template PSD?

The resume for college students should be considered, especially about its format. Here are some pointers to be thought about the format and design of the resume:

  • Avoid using casual fonts

A resume is a formal and professional letter. That is why the kind of fonts using there should be considered and chosen wisely. The casual font such as Helvetica and others should be avoided.

Resume Template template free psd

  • Limit the resume to a single page

A resume cannot be made too long. In writing the resume, limiting it to a single page is a must. Something that you need to know, being concise in writing this document will give you an extra point from the admission

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  • Make sure there is an enough white space

Margin is also important in making the resume. To make an excellent resume, the white space should be kept. That is why the standard margin should be applied.

Parts of Simple Resume Template

The simple resume usually comes with four basic sections. Of course, you as the maker of the resume needs to include all basic sections, so the resume result can be better.

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The first section is the contact information. These are some points to be included inside this part, such as the complete name, the professional email, the mobile phone, and others.

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The next section is education. In simpler, you just need to write the name of the education and its details.

The experience becomes the third section to be added. This point is also essential, especially to state the reasons why you –as the maker of the resume, will be qualified for the admission. Then, the last point is awards and honors.

Simple Resume Template PSD Files

We have several samples of the simple resume template on this page. Of course, you can click the download button to save it on your disk and edit it.

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Sample Simple Resume Template

Resume Template free psd template Resume Template in photoshop free download Resume Template in photoshop

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