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Permission Slip Template and Things to Know About It

For the school management or organization, knowing about the permission slip template is important. This document is a formal paper that is used to inform the family of someone, especially when there is an accident or slip happen.

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For example, in the school, the permission slip is applied when the school management wants to inform the parents that their child faces an accident on a field trip. The permission slip is a legal document that means the school management will take over the responsibility of the children during the agenda.

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However, the permission slip is also applied in many different things. Here, we will talk about the permission slip and its details.

Why Do School Use Permission Slip?

Something that you need to know, these are many kinds of permission slips, especially for a school with its uniqueness. This document is used by the school for some events, class trips, projects for school, and others.

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This document can be a medium by the school management to get an approval from the parents before the students start their agendas. By using this document, there will be no misunderstanding between the school management and the parents of the students.

Steps to Follow in Making Permission Slip

These are some steps to do in making a permission slip. First, you need to write some details about the event. Start by writing the complete contact information of the student –and other agents. The information about name, address, and the activity should be written clearly.

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Then, write the escort for the document. This matter is quite important to deliver the reader knows the detailed information. You may see the sample of the escort to get more inspiration.

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The next thing to do in making the permission slip is writing the condition of the students. Write it completely and make sure that the parents will understand after reading detailed information there.

Tips to Make Permission Slip

To make a good permission slip, these are some important tips to be known. As we have said before, the permission slip is a formal document. Of course, you need to make this document by using a formal writing style and wording.

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On another hand, the information inside the permission slip should be simple and concise. You do not need to make a long explanation or inserting unimportant information there.

Permission Slip template free psd

Then, since the permission slip is a legal letter, there should be a signature of the maker. The signature here besides becomes the sign of legality also shows the authority that keeps the responsibility.

Permission Slip in psd design

To ease you in making the permission slip, you may use a template of it. The template will deliver a default scheme of the permission slip. It means you do not need to make it from a blank document but you just need to edit detailed information inside it.

Permission Slip Template PSD Files

We have several samples of the permission slip template on this page. All templates are available on the PSD file, so it is quite easy to edit. Click the download page to get the template and then use appropriate software to create a good permission slip based on your needs.

Permission Slip in photoshop free download

Permission Slip free psd template

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