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Graduation Announcement Template and Things to Understand Inside It

Graduation is a special and important moment. It is evidence of people’s achievement. Many times, graduation will be celebrated. That is why knowing the graduation announcement template is needed to ease you spreading the news about graduation to your families and friends.

graduation announcement in photoshop

As a common announcement, the graduation announcement is a document that is spread to make others know that you are graduated and there will be an agenda to celebrate it. The announcement also can be an invitation for your special people to gather and celebrate the graduation moment together.

What to Write Inside a Graduation Announcement?

It is no matter the degree of your graduation, the contents of the graduation announcement should be prepared well. The detailed information inside the graduation announcement will ease an individual that you want to know detailed agendas of your graduation.

graduation announcement in psd design

On another hand, the graduation announcement can be formal or informal. The type of graduation announcement depends on the detailed agenda that you want to held and the people you will ask to come.

graduation announcement psd template free

Well, in making the graduation announcement, these are some points to be written inside it, such as:

  • Full name
  • Name of school or college
  • Degree type or the focus of study
  • Class year
  • Honors
  • Year/date/time of graduation
  • Location
  • Other information, such as party information, dress code, and others

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Some points above can be a reference to be considered when you want to make a graduation announcement. However, you can do some other references to complete the information that you want to write.

How to Make Graduation Announcement Using Template

To make the graduation announcement, substantively you can do it easily by using the template. The template of this document will show a default scheme that can be the base shape of it. Of course, you do not need to make the graduation announcement from a blank document.

graduation announcement template free psd

Finding the template of the graduation announcement is the first matter that you need to do. Many templates are available with different details, color scheme, and others. Use your creativity to find the best template.

graduation announcement customizable psd design template

After it, change the information inside the template by entering the detailed information that you have. The information here should be clear and concise. Besides, you also need to avoid using ambiguous words in writing the information.

Tips to Make Graduation Announcement

These are also some tips to be known when you want to make a good graduation announcement. Using the best and appropriate theme is the first matter to be known. Find the best theme and make an elegant graduation announcement.

graduation announcement example psd design

It is also better when you use a picture. The picture can strengthen the detailed information inside the graduation announcement. Of course, you should use an appropriate picture and avoid inserting too many pictures.

Graduation Announcement Template PSD Files

We have several samples of the graduation announcement template on this page. All templates are free to download and it can be the references for you. Click the download button to get the files and then edit it to make your best graduation announcement.

graduation announcement free download psd


Sample Graduation Announcement Template

graduation announcement free psd template

graduation announcement in photoshop free download

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