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Various Kinds of Gift Certificate Template and How They Look Like

Have you ever received gift certificate? Or are you wondering why we need one to get the gift? You should know what it is before you can use gift certificate template. This certificate is actually one people use to act as payment to avail product or service. Of course, this is something gifted to you.

Gift Certificate Template in psd design

And it has certainly been paid by the giver too. After all, it won’t be called gift if you are to pay for it. Well, there are many kinds of this template and they might look different from one to another. Let’s see if you have ever gotten one here.

Business Certificate Template Idea

If you have ever seen seminar certificate, it is how business certificate actually looks like. Everything is set in the center with the name of the firm to start things with. Then, your name will be written in big letter. After few words you’ll see the giver’s signature and space for yours in the opposite corner.

Gift Certificate Template in photoshop

With such format design, this certificate has that formal feel to it. That’s why it is more suitable to use for business needs. Between company and client, the certificate can’t be too casual to maintain professionalism. Isn’t that right?

Individual Certificate Template Idea

This certificate is not always gifted by groups, such as company. Sometimes, it can be more personal with the giver being certain individual. Then, the certificate design won’t be as formal as the one we have before. It won’t be casual either though. One look at the images here and you should notice it.

Gift Certificate Template template for photoshop

Yes, this particular kind has the look of check design with the content having To, From, Value, and Expires in its format. Since it is individual certificate though, there will be the giver’s name on top of the template. Other details entail.

Simple Business Certificate Idea

Considering the design, this certificate idea might be the simplest there is compared to all. Why, of course, it is because its design idea is like that of name cards. It is as simple as how you can imagine about it. The word ‘Gift Certificate’ is there on top, while the content is ‘To’, ‘From’, and ‘Value’ only.

Gift Certificate Template template free psd

It is short indeed. If you just want to be straight to the point, this is the gift template idea for you. It does not mean that the giver lacks professionalism. Template of this kind might be used when the receiver has known the giver already.

Photography Gift Certificate Idea

There is specific certificate idea too, of course. In fact, you can make yours unique with it. Let’s say you are working in photography business. Then, you can design the certificate with photos of your work. Of course, you need to leave some space for ‘To’, ‘From’, and ‘Amount’ for certificate content.

Gift Certificate Template psd template free

For better look of the design, do take a look at the images provided. This gift certificate template should look cool enough to provide for the receivers. It is faster to insert photo to finish the making too. Consider it when making one.

Gift Certificate Template Sample

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