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Editable Funeral Program Template and Guidelines

If a death happens, nothing can turn back. To organize a funeral proceeding, you may need to make a funeral program. It is a simple document that features a timeline breakdown of the order of proceeding & features. If you do not know how to make it, you can use our funeral program template.

funeral program in psd design

Why Needs a Funeral Program

A funeral program PSD has many benefits. First, it keeps the memorial service running according to the plan. Second, it offers needed information about the deceased & his/her family. Third, it is easy to make. With our template, you can save time for creating this document.

funeral program psd template free

Besides that, it becomes a final nod of love to the deceased. Then, it also has got therapeutic benefits. In fact, many persons experience closure when they sift through videos, photos, or other items of the deceased. Last, you can use it as a memorabilia.

How to Design a Funeral Program

There are many details you should think about when you plan a funeral service. One of them is to get an appropriate PSD funeral program. If you do not want to employ someone to make this kind of document, it will be a good idea to use our templates.

funeral program template for photoshop

For an alternative way, you may consider designing it from scratch. It belongs to the most favorite one for many people because of the therapeutic benefits. Whether you use a free template or go custom, there are some sections to be featured in the final product.

How to Write a Funeral Program

From our funeral program template PSD, you will know what information to include in it. So, you can write it on your own. It usually starts from the cover page. In this part, the items to be added include the funeral program title, picture of the deceased, deceased, date of the ceremony, & others.

funeral program template free psd

Then, you can continue with the order of service. For example, it includes Bible readings, choir recitals, sermons, acknowledgments, cards & condolences, obituary reading, eulogy, final viewing, benediction, recessional, and interment. Different religions will certainly have different orders of service.

funeral program customizable psd design template

Next, you also need to add the obituary. It is a final message about the deceased. It usually features a heartfelt composition about the deceased & his/her life. It may feature info bits including the death date, the death circumstances, and the surviving family members.

funeral program example psd design

Continued to the back page of the PSD funeral program template, you can include the photo of deceased/his family, deceased’s birthdates, deceased’s death date, names of pallbearers & flower bearers, a list of his family members, Thank You Notes, poems, and Bible quotes.

How to Make a Secular Funeral Program

A secular (non-religious) funeral program tends to have a different format. It should include a cover page, the deceased’s biography, obituary, poems, family members’ names, soloist’s name & music title, speaker’s name, & Thank You Note. If you need want, this funeral program template will help you a lot.

funeral program free download psd


Funeral Program Template Sample 

funeral program free psd template funeral program in photoshop free download funeral program in photoshop

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