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Recipe Card Template Samples with Editable Designs

A recipe card is different from a cookbook. A recipe card means a guide for a single recipe. It ensures all he needed info the readers want is read in detail. The goal is that anyone can produce prestige results in making foods. If you want to make it, you can use our recipe card template.

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The Components of a Recipe Card Template

A PSD recipe card template should contain the following elements. It usually starts with the recipe title. After that, it is usually followed by a relevant photograph. The photograph will make the recipe card much more impressive.

recipe card in photoshop

Then, you also need to give info about the preparation time. Next, you should write an introduction to the recipe. For your information, a recipe card may contain a few recipes. However, it is not as complete as a cookbook. So, it usually comes with simple instructions.

recipe card psd template free

For the next section, you can directly provide the cooking instructions. It is better if you provide the instructions in lists. If there are special tips or hints, you can also add them to the recipe card template PSD. So, it can make people have a clear image of how to cook a certain food rightly.

Why Needs a Recipe Card Template?

As we know, creating a recipe card can be a cumbersome process. You can use our template to simplify the art. Besides that, our template will also help you keep its design well organized & clear. In addition, our templates also ensure that you can save the recipe in a perfect format.

recipe card template free psd

A recipe card PSD template can be used to save one recipe or more. It proves advantageous to anyone who wants to write a professional and well-constructed instructional guide for cooks. Our templates are easy to edit. Therefore, you can edit it to suit your needs easily using Photoshop.

Recipe Card Template Samples

This article contains a collection of templates that will work for your desired recipe card. One of the examples is a classic tattoo recipe card. Besides that, there is also a recipe card for smoothies. In addition, you can find a recipe card for vegetarians.

recipe card customizable psd design template

Of course, there are still many other eye-catching recipe card templates PSD available here. A vintage recipe card can be a good design to impress everyone. If you want other design ideas, you may consider a red recipe card, green recipe card, a recipe card with photographs, and many more.

How to Write a Recipe Card

If you have never created a recipe card before, you can follow the step by step below. You can write “A Recipe for Hamburger” at the top, for example. After that, you can create 2 columns. One column is for ingredients whereas another one is for equipment.

recipe card template for photoshop

Under it, you can make a list that contains instructions step by step. If there is a free space, it will be a good idea to add a hamburger picture. A real picture will be better. At the end of the recipe card template, you can add some tips if any.

Recipe Card Template Sample

recipe card example psd design

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recipe card free psd template recipe card in photoshop free download

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