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Cover Page Template and Things to Know Inside It

The cover page is an important part of the paper, especially for the academic and professional arenas. This part of the paper will be the first matter to be seen by the readers. That is why knowing about the cover page template is needed to help you in making it.

cover page in psd design

Since the cover page is placed on the first sheet of the paper, of course, it will influence the sense of the readers when they see it. Of course, it is the reason why you need to be selective in making the cover page. Here, we will talk about some matters of the cover page and ways to create it.

The Elements of the Cover Page Template

Before making the great cover page as you want, you need to know the elements inside it. The elements will arrange the cover page to its best shape.

Some elements to be included inside the cover page are:

  • The title or the subtitle of the document
  • The name of the author
  • The title of the author
  • The cover photo
  • The submission date or the completion
  • The description of the document

cover page psd template free

Some points as above can be the reference about what to be included inside the cover page. However, in making the cover page, you cannot forget to think about the layout. The detailed layout that you use will influence the appearance of the cover page.

Making Cover Page Using Microsoft Word

To make a cover page, you can use Microsoft Word as the media. These are some simple steps to be followed in making the cover page with this software, such as:

  • Open the new document of the Microsoft Word software
  • Click on the insert table. There, you will find the drop-down menu to find the templates of the cover page. Of course, from this page, you can choose the best template as you want
  • Click the chosen template and it will be the first page of your document
  • Click on the field and start typing the information. Some information such as the subtitle, the date, the name, and others should be inserted
  • Change the background of the template when it is needed

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Tips to Make a Good Cover Page

Since the cover page is an important part of the document, of course, you need to make a good detail of it. These are some tips to be considered when you want to make this document.

cover page template free psd

First, try to find the best template of the cover page. It is very essential since the template will influence the whole result of the cover page. On another hand, use the right font to show the information. When it goes to the academic cover page, the chosen font is the formal one.

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Another tip to be considered in making a cover page is the writing style. Use a simple writing style. Here, you just need to insert important information and keep the document concise.

Cover Page Template PSD Files

We have several samples for the cover page template on this page. Scroll the samples down to find kinds of references to inspire you in creating the cover page.

cover page example psd design

Cover Page Template Sample 

cover page free download psd

cover page free psd template

cover page in photoshop free download

cover page in photoshop

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