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Wedding Invitation Templates and What to Do in Making It

A wedding invitation card is an important paper as the wedding preparation. This card will be sent to spread the wedding information to the visitors. When you want to make a good wedding card, knowing about the wedding invitation templates is a must to get more inspiration about how to make it.

Wedding Invitation in photoshop

Since a wedding is a special celebration, of course, the invitation should be able to inform how special the party is. It means the wedding invitation is not enough only spreading the party information. Design plays an important role in this kind of invitation.

What to Include in Wedding Invitation?

The wedding invitation in common will contain 2-4 different cards with a sleek appearance. The primary wedding invitation tells the guest about a couple of the wedding, the place and the time of the party, the detailed agenda, and others.

Wedding Invitation template for photoshop

On another hand, there are also some supplement materials inside the wedding invitation to be added, such as reception card, response card, direction, and other information. These parts of the wedding invitation are important to show how special the celebration is.

Wedding Invitation Design PSD

Since a wedding invitation is an important card to be sent, considering the design is a must to do. The detailed design will influence the appearance or the result of the wedding invitation. Only an invitation with the great design that will look stunning and it can amaze the guests.

Wedding Invitation template free psd

About the design of the wedding invitation, these are some elements that should be considered. A theme is a base of the wedding invitation that will influence how the invitation looks like. Many different themes are available, such as tropical, modern, minimalist, and others.

Wedding Invitation customizable psd design template

Below the theme, there is a color scheme and type of fonts to be considered. These two matters are quite essential to be applied to decorate the wedding invitation. Of course, there should be integration between the theme, color scheme, and type of fonts to be applied.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Making Wedding Invitation

These are some common mistakes to be avoided when you want to make a wedding invitation. The mistakes to avoid are:

  • Misspelled words

It is a very common mistake but many people still do it. The misspelled words will deliver unclear information. That’s why proofreading is important to do.

Wedding Invitation example psd design

  • Incorrect wording and grammar

A wedding invitation is a formal document, although it will be sent to friends. It is the reason why the grammar and wording should be considered as well.

Wedding Invitation free download psd

  • Wrong name and address of the recipient

The wrong name and address of the guest is a common mistake of the wedding invitation. Some people say that it doesn’t matter but substantively it is a crucial thing.

Wedding Invitation psd template free

  • Wrong paper quality

A wedding invitation should be printed in a thick and high-quality paper. The wrong paper choosing should be avoided or the result of the wedding invitation isn’t maximal.

Wedding Invitation Templates PSD Files

The wedding invitation templates can be a helper to make a good invitation. By using a template, you will find a default scheme of the wedding invitation and use it as a source of inspiration.

Wedding Invitation in psd design


Wedding Invitation Templates Sample

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