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Simple Steps To Make Unit Circle Chart

The unit circle is one of the most important topics before you go to Calculus, Math Analysis and beyond. This is the fundamental subject you should master before you go with the future concept. It is also fun and challenging, especially when it comes to the unit circle chart. This is important because you will use it to explain the angles to any kind of degrees.

What Is The Unit Circle Chart For?

The unit circle chart is actually for showing the positive angles (degrees and radians). In mathematics, the unit circle chart is used in trigonometry which can help you remember certain angles and also the trigonometric functions. In short, the angles are measured from x-axis right in quadrant one. Also, this will help you connect everything in ease and perfectly which this will be very difficult if you just use the blank paper and tool.

Apart from the positive angles, this unit circle also can help you with the negative changes. You just need to move it with the clockwise direction. For example, if you want to put -30 degree, this is the same as the 330-degree angle since the terminal sides are completely the same.

How To Create A Unite Circle Chart?

Making a unit circle chart is extremely confusing because you are dealing with the angles and it is not simple. But thanks to some good steps that we summarize here. And you can also download our printable unit circle chart so you can get the perfect angles and points.

For conventional ways, you can also use all the triangles and gather it until you make a circle. For instance, you can also follow our steps below:

  • Begin with the quadrant and make a 30-degree angle.
  • You have to draw the angles very carefully and also link them by using a straight line.
  • Make sure that your 30-degree in on the first quadrant and you should use a small angle.
  • The next step is making the perpendicular line so you can create a perfect triangle.
  • Keep in mind that the hypotenuse of this triangle will be the radius of the unit circle. Hence, one of its legs will be on the x-axis and another one will be in the y-axis.
  • Find out the hypotenuse’s length. Besides, find out also the length of the other triangles’ side. You can begin with the shorter one by dividing it by two. For the long one, you can multiply its value of the short sides.
  • Identify the point of the circle and make sure that each point has distinct coordinate so you can assign a name.

If you are already done with this step, then the remaining ones will be a lot of easier.

Apart from the tricky steps, you can download our templates for free on this page. Our unit circle chart templates come in various types and designs that you can suit with your need.


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