Meeting Minutes Template Sample

Meeting Minutes Template and Things to Know Inside It

Do you ever hear about the meeting minutes template? Well, something that you need to know, all meetings, whether it is formal or not will need the minutes. The main purpose of this document is to record the discussion as the proof of the meeting, which could be used in different time.

Of course, for the formal and informal meeting, recording the discussion is important. Besides it could be used as the proof or evidence of meeting, it also could be the note to review the last meeting. That is why the meeting-minutes is needed.

Well, since this document is important in order to maximize the result of meeting, we will talk about the details of meeting minutes template here. By knowing the detail of it, I am sure that you will know more about it.

Kinds of Meeting Minutes Template

Based on the explanations as above, we may see that the template of meeting minutes is an important document. The document could be used to record the discussion during the meeting, so the meeting can be used as the reference for the next meeting.

However, before talking more about the detail of meeting minutes template, there are some kinds of this document that you need to know. Knowing the kinds of the document will help you to find the most appropriate kind of it.

Well, the kinds of the template of meeting minutes to know are:

  • Board meeting minutes template
  • Church meeting minutes template
  • Committee meeting minutes template
  • Business meeting minutes template
  • Corporate meeting minutes template
  • Staff meeting minutes template
  • Project meeting minutes template
  • Team meeting minutes template
  • Professional meeting minutes template
  • Project meeting minutes template
  • And others

Based on the points as above, we may see that there are some kinds of the template of meeting minutes. With the options as above, you may find and use the most appropriate template based on your needs.

What Should Be Included Inside Meeting Minutes?

The meeting minute is also known as recap and it is useful in order to record what the detail of discussion inside the meeting. However, in order to make this document, there are some mattes to include inside it.

The things to include inside the template of meeting minutes are:

  • The date, time and venue of the meeting
  • The people who attended the meeting and the people who do not attend
  • The email of all the invites
  • The detail and complete agenda of meeting
  • The detail objective of meeting
  • The detail item assigned
  • The detail decision made
  • The detail steps to follow
  • The time and date of the next intended meeting

Tips in Making Meeting Minutes Template

To make a good template of meeting minutes, there are some tips that you need to know. For the first, it will be good when you try to find the appropriate template of the document. It is quite important because the template will ease you in making the detail of document.

In other hand, it will be nice when you use the formula in making it as above. Try to include the points inside the document. The complete points will make clearer recorded of the meeting.

Well, that is all about the meeting minutes template that you need to know. You may do some researches in order to find the right sample of it.


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