Sample Wedding Guest List Template

Wedding Guest List Template and the Details to Include in the Table of Plan

Are you going to hold wedding ceremony sometime soon? Well, there are a lot to take care of when it comes to managing this big event of your life. You have to come up with perfect plan to succeed the event. For that, wedding guest list template will surely be of help for you. How can it be so then?

You see, it lists down various details for the plan. You can track them down with the help of this template too. Let us tell you what those details to include in the template design. It is easier to understand this way, for sure. Here we go.

Wedding Guest List Template Details #1

First, there must be the name of the guests. Just list everyone down in the table. Of course, it won’t be enough with the name only. You’ve got to include their address as well. Two different people might have the same or similar name, but they can’t be living together, right? So, don’t leave it out.

Besides, you might find the need to know where they live too. Another thing related to the matter, we need to include their relationship with each other. It is best to gather family members to together and have them set in one table.

Wedding Guest List Template Details #2

Complete wedding guest list will further confirm about your invitation to your guests. You might have invited them all, but it does not necessarily mean that they would all come to the wedding ceremony/party. There are people who might decline ahead of time because of particular reasons.

Wedding guest list organizer will showcase it in the table. So, one column might be titled with “invited to wedding” and “accepted/declined” for the next. You can prepare enough seating if you know just how much they’ll be coming.

Wedding Guest List Template Details #3

Next, you can add seating location and choice of meal details as well. Instead of having the guests sitting randomly at random place in the site, it is better to sit one family in one table. We can make good use of the previous “relationship” detail to gather the members together in one same table.

Also, you need to consider that not all people have the same choice of meal. People have their own preferences even when it comes to it. If you can manage and it is possible to be done, do prepare the kind of meal that would suit guests.

Wedding Guest List Template Details #4

Last, gift given is common to be done in wedding ceremony/party. It is a token of gratitude for coming to attend the wedding from the couples to the guests. You can give the gift per family, so you might need to check the list and see which family representative you do need to hand the gift.

Other than the gift, people might plan to send thank you card as well. Just like with the gift, you can do the same in the wedding guest list template with it. It might just be a word of gratitude, but it means you do appreciate their presence.


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