Letter of Recommendation Template

Letter of recommendation or letter of reference is purposed to give a recommendation for an individual’s academic or work performance. The work is written by the previous colleague, teacher, employer, client and others that are related. This is purposed to vouch for an individual’s achievements which is why it is not written by the person who is applying something whether it is a position in a company or a scholarship program. This letter is usually delivered to the admission officers or hiring managers as the introduction of a candidate. Hence, downloading a letter of recommendation template is necessary to help you break it down and tidy up your points.

What Are The Aspects of Letter of Recommendation Template We Have?

Solid Reasons Why Recommending A Person

The letter of recommendation template will provide a box which will be filled with reasons why a company, institution or a person recommend you. He/she is the one who supervised your work. Besides some companies also ask letter of recommendation from family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and so on. However, usually, they will ask it from the supervisors or your ex-bosses.

Specific Examples

A letter of recommendation should provide a solid explanation and examples. Mostly it is recommended to provide different scenarios and various anecdotes. Of course, all of the explanation should imply good images and qualities. Besides, some anecdotes are needed to increase the level of persuasiveness. This is purposed to give strong images of an individual.

Customized To The New Position

All of the writing and examples should relate to the new position of an individual’s target position. Besides, the writer should be able to make the company or the institution believe that this individual is really compatible with a position. Hence, the writer should communicate with the applicant so there will be no more understanding.

How to Write A Letter of Reference

To make it easy, you can download a letter of recommendation template to help you determine what needs to write and don’t. Once you get the letter of recommendation template, you can follow the simple steps below so you will not broaden your writing.

  • Write the address at the top right corner
  • Write recipient’s name and also the address on the left-hand side
  • Use formal business greeting to open the letter
  • Use Dear Sir or Madam
  • If you know the name, simple address the name by writing “Dear Anjeli”, for example.
  • Next, open your letter with short praise and enthusiastically sentence. Make sure you write it short and direct which explaining you trust this person.
  • In the next paragraph, you can continue with the story of how you know the candidate. For example, if you are a supervisor, you have to tell that how the candidate worked in the past and how good they were in terms of working and consistency. It is always OK to add achievements.
  • Always compare it with another thing so the reader will understand why you recommend this candidate.
  • Also, do not exaggerate things and always be honest because this is really important to his/her future.
  • Last, close the letter positively and repeat the recommendation of the candidate.

Free Download Best Letter of Recommendation Template

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