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Are you looking for an angel investor? Then the executive summary will be your first step to go. So, now save your glowing reports including charts, analysis, and all the numbers because this would be in the report itself. All you need to do to attract the investors are this executive summary example and template that help you put the important points of your investment proposal.

Why Should Be Executive Summary Example?

The executive summary will ease the reader to understand your concept which is the non-technical version of all your reports. Besides, you should know that investors will look at the summary version instead of spending too much time on the data. Therefore, you should make it very sophisticated, understandable, tidy, simple and catchy or course.

There are a number of the template that is talking about executive summary example so it eases you make a great one. It provides the highlighted features that can help you generate good writing and clearly so it is straight to the point on the purpose.

So, why don’t you grab our templates and see the executive summary writing example?

How To Write Executive Summary?

Writing executive summary needs to set structure. Most importantly you should think about the core strengths of why it deserves attention. You also need to put a bullet on your ideas and always use a concise sentence. Besides, keep in mind that your idea is unique and exciting to be developed. Here are several things to underline with your executive summary:

  • Ask yourself if you have a unique partnership
  • Ask yourself if you have customer and traction
  • Ask yourself if you can work it with technology
  • Ask yourself if you have patents
  • Ask yourself if your marketing plan is special

To make it short and simpler, here are few guidelines you can follow:

Be Clear with The Idea

When you see the executive summary, you will see clearly that the idea is very clear. Here, the point is to convince your investor. Think about something astounding and remember that you are selling your ideas. You should be so salesy and actionable so this will make the investor feel worthy to put some risk on your ideas.

Never Waste Words

Be clear! It is not writing a novel. You should be clear on delivering your ideas, purpose, and things that might happen in the future. This is an important summary and investors have no time to think about how cool your writing style. All they want is something clear and understandable. Even, some experts only suggest some paragraphs.

Always Look at the Structure

You can find the structure in our executive summary example or template to help you put what is important or not. Some specific format should be included, like:

  • The summary of your company description
  • What problem you find
  • What solutions you offer and list them
  • Give the solution why those solutions are appropriate

After you explain all those things, it is also suggested to include the financial aspects, the values of this deals so they can calculate how much the risk and how much it can return.

After all, don’t exaggerate things and be honest! Last, you may put a nice ending in the last paragraph.

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