Sample 30 Days Notice Letter to Landlord Template

30 Days Notice Letter to Landlord Template

30 days notice letter to landlord is a letter that is made by the tenant and given to the landlord. This letter is created when the tenant wants to move up from the former place to a new one. When you have make up your mind and decided to set a new home in a new place, you need to inform it.

Inform your plan and schedule to the landlord about your vacate time. This action is called as the notice letter. Giving information to your former landlord will help you to manage all of the things that you need to prepare.

You can manage the time to clean and arrange your stuff. Also, you can ask for the deposit that may still being kept in by the landlord. Then, what exactly you need to mention in the letter? Here are several things that you need to write in the letter.

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3 Things You Need to Mention in Your 30 Days Notice Letter to Landlord Template

The function of this letter is to inform the landlord about your vacate plan that will happen within 30 days. To write a proper message you need to put the information that is important. Keep on my mind that it is highly recommended to avoid writing unnecessary topics.

In your brief 30 days notice vacate letter template, it is really good to divide the body letter into three main paragraphs. Besides writing the opening and the closing, the body presents the main information that you want to deliver. Thus, you need to put the most things you wanted to tell to the landlord.

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The first thing that you need to tell is the date of the vacate day. The date is significant since you will tell about the time you will vacate and move your stuff. It also the start time you make vacate preparation to the end of the agreement.

The date applies for 30 days. You can take care all of the things that you couldn’t perform in 30 days. Then, the second thing is about the refundable deposit. Usually when you rent a house, room, or space you will need to put some amount of money as the deposit.

This deposit can be withdrawn when your rent contract has expired or when you decided not to renew the agreement and decided to release a letter to vacate for landlord. On the second paragraph of your body letter, you can talk about it directly and ask for the refundable money to you.

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You can ask the landlord to return the deposit money within the 30 days notification letter you give. Then, on the last paragraph you can add the new address. This helps the former landlord to reach you up including informing you about the refundable deposit.

Do not forget to put the new address in your letter as well as the further contact. After presents these three points in the letter, then you can close the letter with a good farewell. In making the letter, you can use frank expression with direct point message.

You can also be more subtle to what you are going to write. However, just remember to always explain with fact and data to make a proper letter. This 30 days notice letter to landlord helps to give both of the tenant and the landlord enough time to prepare what needs to be prepared.

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