Sample Recommendation Letters

Sample Recommendation Letters and What to Include Inside It

Do you look for the sample recommendation letters? Well, the recommendation letter is a common letter made for the business needs. It is also made to look for a new school for students who want to continue their study. By this letter, the users could get plus points to beat the competitors.

The recommendation letter is write from professor, teacher, principal, employers or other people who are credible to write it. As its name, this letter in basic will be used to recommend a person to get what they need. In simpler, this letter will give more opportunity for the people.

Sample Recommendation Letter For Scholarship

In this occasion, we will talk to you about some matters inside it. For those who are curious with it, please take a sit and read some following writings below.

Kinds of Recommendation Letters

The recommendation letter should be written in formal shape. Then, since it is an important letter, making the well recommendation letters should be the first task to do. However, before making this specific letter, here we have several kinds of this letter to know.

The kinds of this recommendation letter are:

  • Fellowship recommendation letter
  • Law school recommendation letter
  • Recommendation letter for student
  • College recommendation letter
  • Recommendation letter for scholarship
  • Personal recommendation letter
  • And others

Seeing the points as above, we may see that there are some kinds of the recommendation letter that you need to know. Here, you should underline that each kind of the recommendation letter sometimes need the different format.

Sample College Recommendation Letter

What to Include in Recommendation Letter?

In order to make a good recommendation letters, the first matter to know is things to write inside it. Yes, by knowing what to write, arranging this letter will be easier and the result of the writing will be better. Then, what to include when we want to write this letter? See some points of it below.

  • Introduction

The introduction should be told in the first paragraph. Here, in opening this letter, you need to explain the data of the person you are writing. When this recommendation letter is used to get a new job, make a correlation between the person with his or her targeted job.

It will be better when you also tell about your personal relationship. This matter will show how the character of the person. Then, do not forget to include the length of time that you have known about the person. It will be good factor to build trust.

  • Body of letter

The second paragraph is the body of the letter. It is the main part of this letter showing some details in order to get the impression of the reader. In this section, when you want to write recommendation letter, you need to show the skills of your recommended person.

In writing the skills of him or her, it will be good when you correlate it with the position that he or she wants to get. Besides the skills, write about the qualities, areas of knowledge and other assents about the recommended person.

  • Closing

In closing the letter, tell more about your opinion about the person again. Make sure that you recommended a true person.

Well, that is all about the recommendation letter. Do some researches to get the sample recommendation letters.

Sample Business Recommendation Letter

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