Nursing Recommendation Letter Sample and the Format of the Letter for You to Write One

Surely, you must have known that recommendation letter is always the kind to suggest someone for a position. In this case, nursing recommendation letter sample is for job position in medicine and health care company. As character reference, you might have to vouch the candidates for position.

The potential employer might ask for your verification as well. Regardless of why you should write the letter, you will still have to know how to write one yourself. The occasion for you to do so might come anytime, so you have to be more prepared.


Nursing Recommendation Letter Sample Step 1

The letter will have to start with the date, just like any other letter. Of course, the date mentioned should be the time you write the draft of the letter, not the date you will send it later. After the date, what comes next is your name and contact info. Sometimes, they come as the last part in the letter.

Just stick to either of them for they are all nursing recommendation letter examples. Since you are as the writer is character reference, your contact info has to include your name, title, address of the medical center, phone number, and email address.

Nursing Recommendation Letter Sample Step 2

After the head start, you will begin with letter introduction. Be sure to state your greeting. It can be “Dear, Mr. /Mrs. …,” or To Whom It May Concern, like “To the Professional Department Council,” Then, you can actually start with the introduction. Mainly, you should tell how you know the person.

Well, you might be friends, but the ones who will read this letter won’t accept the kind of writing that is done out of professional context. So, you can say that you are former colleagues. Then, they know that the very person can possibly be trusted.


Nursing Recommendation Letter Sample Step 3

Now, we will enter the body of the letter. This is the main focus of all. Since you have introduced the person, it is the time for you to give explanation about what makes the person valuable for the job position. Well sure, the nursing recommendation letter body shouldn’t be purely out of opinion only.

To make the reader convinced, you should include the facts too. You can back your opinion with strong proofs, like the person’s skills and capabilities. Add personal qualities of the person too and those will really make him/her capable practitioner.


Nursing Recommendation Letter Sample Step 4

Then, we reach the last part of the letter. Yes, it should be none other than the closing. Don’t make ordinary closing though. Right through the end of the letter, you have to keep making positive statement about the person you are recommending. In fact, you will have to make big impact here.

Make your final positive statement a hit in the new employer’s consideration. That way, you will successfully convince him/her to hire the person. Nursing recommendation letter sample consists of these points. So, try making one on your own then.


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