Effective Tips to Write Sales Proposal Letter for Getting New Clients and Retain the Previous Ones

Working as sales representative means that you have to offer new products and get new clients for your customers. Of course, you will have to retain the previous ones as well. To offer new products, you will need sales proposal letter to write. You don’t always have to offer them directly, you know.

The letter can help you out, for sure. Speaking about its format, it is more of business like. You have to make everything clear, concise, and straightforward in the letter. To make the effective one though, we have tips to take into account.


#1 Sales Proposal Letter Tips to Consider

Basically, the letter you will be writing is about the detailed description of the product or service your company has you to offer to clients. Your goal is to get the interest of the reader. However, convincing new clients through words are not that easy if you don’t know the right way to do so.

So, what you need to do first to write product sales proposal is to bear in your mind that you have to make the readers think that the product or service you offer is part of their needs. Then, they will be more likely to consider the product, right?

#2 Sales Proposal Letter Tips to Consider

As it was hinted before, we can make vague proposal with suspicious product or service to the clients. No one would believe that and decide to buy such thing. Thus, you will have to include the description of the product or service you are offering. Use clear words and state the facts about it.

Other than the description, of course you will have to mention the cost as well. Buyers will always consider both the product and the cost when they buy something. Sometimes, they need it to compare with others to get the right deal.


#3 Sales Proposal Letter Tips to Consider

Writing proposal letter might be a bit of challenge for some people. They could be unsure about the appropriate way to do so. If they fail, they won’t be able to sell out the product as expected. So, if you are worried about that, we do suggest checking out the samples of the proposal letter out there.

There are many of them to choose one from. They are not that much different from each other, so you are free to go with either of them. Not to mention, they are available for free to download. You can use them as soon as you get them all.


#4 Sales Proposal Letter Tips to Consider

Remember that the company you are working in is not the only company in this world. What they sell might be produced by the others as well. That’s what you call competition in sales industry. It is a given that you will have competitors here and there and winning is not as easy as you might think.

However, don’t be afraid and be confident with what you have to offer. To gain clients’ favor, you can learn competitors’ products so you can tell the reasons why yours are better for the readers. Include that in your sales proposal letter.


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