Main Kinds of Medical School Recommendation Letter and What They Are Used For

To become a doctor, that’s not something easy to aim for. Even enrolling to the medical school proves to be quite a challenge. Besides passing an assessment exam, you will have to pass the medical school recommendation letter as well. You need to get high passing rate, that’s for sure.

However, you might not have that much chance if you don’t have recommendation letter. Speaking about this letter, there are some kinds of it you better know. They might have the same purpose, but they serve for different things. Let’s see then.


1 – Medical School Recommendation Letter

There is employment recommendation letter kind. As you might have guessed, this letter is meant to apply for job in certain company. In this case, the job and company are that of medical one. You graduated from medical school after all. Since it is recommendation, it has to come from the others.

It can’t be you who issue the letter. If you are fresh graduate, the dean or teachers of the university you had been studying in will be the one who does it. If employed, the employment recommended letter comes from your previous employer.

2 – Medical School Recommendation Letter

This letter is not only one meant to look for job, but also to continue your study. For on the job training, students might need to continue their study for master’s degree. So, you can request for academic recommendation letter from your dean or teachers, of course. It is not for students only.

Even employees might look for further education when they find it necessary for their life. Sometimes, the employers themselves are the ones who need their employees to seek for higher education. This is the right letter kind for that.


3 – Medical School Recommendation Letter

There is character recommendation letter too. The other two letters above are pretty much formal kinds. However, it is not the same with this letter ere. Unlike both of them, this one is rather informal one if we must say. Why, of course, it is the kind that tells about your characters after all.

Instead of being written by certain authority, this letter may come from the applicant’s family or even friends. They don’t need particular record to write you the letter like the dean or teacher does. That is why it is not that formal to begin with.

Now, which one do you think you will need for the needs? Each person has his/her own, so their choice could be different from one to another. Still, you will choose either of those kinds. They are what recommendation letter is all about, meant to recommend but for different use for applicants.

Even the person who will have to write the letter is different depending on the kind. What’s clear is that medical school recommendation letter is not one to be written by the applicants themselves. So, be sure to determine which you do need.


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