Lease Renewal Letter and What to Write Inside It

The landlord often writes the lease renewal letter to their tenant in order to deliver information that the current lease is expired. Then, because of its expiration, the landlord wants to propose the new letter with the same or different term. We may see that actually it is normal and common matter.

However, as a tenant, of course you also have right about this matter. Here, you are able to write the letter of lease renewal in the good time, so you will have opportunity to show your opinion about the letter. Here, we will talk about some matters inside this kind of letter.

Things to Write Inside the Lease Renewal Letter

Seeing the explanation as above we may see that this letter is an important letter. Yes, you need to highlight that important lease renewal letter is a formal letter, so thinking about the format of it is important too.

There are some matters that you need to arrange inside this letter. Things to write inside it are:

  • Title section

Since the letter of lease renewal is a formal communication between the landlord and tenant, of course there should be a title section opening this letter. Here, you need to use the standard business format.

By the title section, you also could inform the kind of this letter. Then, here you need to address it to the tenant with their full name, address and contact detail. The date of the letter is also simple but important matter to insert in making this letter.

  • Setting the stage

The second matter to write inside this letter is the setting of the stage. In this section, you need to include the reference explaining the detail of this letter. Put the reference –and the reasons why this letter is important, in the first paragraph.

The introductory here should tell about the expired date of the last rule. States the details of it clearly and offer the new rules –when it is needed, as the part of the new agreement.

  • Term of renewal

The next paragraph of the right lease renewal letter is the term of renewal. In most cases, by making this letter, the landlord wants to increase the payment. As a landlord, when you want to increase the payment of the rent, you need to state your arguments as reasons.

Well, this reason is important for the objective consideration by the tenant to stay in your house of not. In other hand, as a landlord, you are also able to deliver the new points of agreement inside this letter when it is needed.

  • Request for response

Closing the letter, it will be better for you to make a request of response. This matter is important to get a clear decision. It will be better when you give limit time of response, such as 10 to 30 days.

Well, that is all about the lease renewal letter. We may see that it is an important letter between the landlord and tenant. It will be good when you do some researches in order to find the example of it.


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