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Recommendation letter for employment is made in a business purpose. It can be created by someone who has higher statue in the company for their employers or vice versa. If it is made by the people who had higher statue such as supervisor or director, it’s usually made for a promotion.

If someone who has lower statue in the company applied for this letter like an employer, usually there are two cases. The first one is the employee wants to pursue for another career in another place and second, it is used for educational purpose.


What The Recommendation Letter for Employment Is Used For?

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons and purposes why people make this letter. It can be used for a promotion, for education application, and else. In a common situation, one of the purpose people make this letter is because they want to catch higher career in other place.

An employee who gets a higher job from his or her current job may want to resign and apply for the higher one. When this happened, they can ask to their head for a job recommendation letter. If you are a good employee during your work time, you will be able to get the letter from your head.

Having this letter will be so much helpful for you as you may have higher chance to be accepted on the company that you want to enter. However, making a permission and ask for the letter also needs a good language skill. You can’t just make letter and ask your head carelessly.


How to Compose a Good Letter?

There are always steps that you need to follow in order to be able to make a good letter. This letter cannot be done without having a good structure. Thus, it is important to get the right structure. What do you think you need to do to give a good impact in your letter?

First, it is about language. It seems so easy but it isn’t. Something that people always missing is writing with a good language and work ethic. If you are going to make a letter, physical or through email, you have to always remember to put a subject in your letter.

You need to inform the receiver about what your letter is. Then, always give complete information. This is including the complete name, the full address with state, street name, and zip code. Then, going to the body letter, if you are going to write for a job or master one then give fact information.

An employee reference letter will have factual information about the company’s name, where you get that, and why you want to move to the company. Elaborate your skills, reasons, and your personality in a good and understanding explanation.

Then, do not hesitate to give your contact for further information because it will help you with update. Things that people usually forgot is they tend to write with bad behavior and unspecific topic, so highly avoid this when you want to make a good recommendation letter for employment.


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