Salary Negotiation Letter for PDF, Word

Salary negotiation letter is made when you want to increase the percentage of your income for your new job or position. This letter is usually made when a worker in the company or institution gets a promotion offer and he/she wants to get the worth nominal of the salary.

When you think that you are capable more than what the company gives you and when you have the capacity, the high experience, and the credibility on the field you are work into, then you could possibly to send this letter.


How and When You Need To Make the Salary Negotiation Letter

A request of getting higher paid from your work is not an easy case that you can make with simple situation. You need to show the quality, especially the work quality, in your job. When you think that the new job needs higher time of work and has high work pressured then you can go with that.

With the new salary, you have to give the best from your professional work. You know your value and can be responsible with that. However, the amount set of the number needs to be rational and logic with your capacity and your skill. Asking too much will only send negativity to you.

Asking for the right salary that you deserve to get is not hard. You only need to follow some steps of making the appropriate letter. But, if you still find difficulty to arrange the steps or the following information you need to put on the letter, then you can follow this salary negotiation sample.

Easy Steps to Compose the Right Letter

It is important to write the letter in an appropriate way. Writing the wrong subject will lead you to fail. Your letter needs to be filled with complete information. Add your full name as the sender and give the full address including the street name and the post code. Put the complete date under it.

Then, write down the receiver’s full name along with the position. If it is a company full address, then write down that as well. After make the right header, the next thing you need to do is greeting. Always greet the receiver with a polite language, use the proper term such as Mr. or Mrs.

On the first paragraph, tell about your thankful message for getting the chance. You can tell the receiver about your grateful and happy feeling expression in calm. Then, after showing your gratitude, you can move to talk about the negotiation of the salary regarding about the new position.

You can request for negotiation salary in your letter. Describe in the salary sample letter that you are looking for the paid that is suitable and worth for your competence. The important thing is here. Give and explain the clear, logic, responsible reasons why you need those numbers of the salary.

It is okay to put down the number of the salary that you want to get as long as you also put the professional reasons beside it. Add your long experience and other fact that help you to get what you deserve.

Then, ask for further meeting to discuss about the request. Give an active e-mail and phone number in the letter. Tell the receiver that you also wait for the upcoming meeting. Close the letter with a proper closing. Your salary negotiation letter is done.


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