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Promotion letter sample give several types of letter that helps those who wants to give a promotion to their employees to get a formal notification and announcement. This is a letter any of employees has been waiting for.

Getting for a promotion is another achievement in the career life. Every employee would like to get a higher position in the career level. Receiving a promotion from a company can be seen as the next stage of the career that the employee has been doing for.

If you are a supervisor or manager who head the employee in your company you may be responsible to hand the promotion letter for employee. As it is important, you should write the letter in a good form with a formal and polite language. You will get a free helpful sample down below.


Easy Steps to Follow from Promotion Letter Sample

This letter is usually written by the company and given to their employees. Some of the employee may get a promotion at the same time and sometimes, it is given to only one or less people. If you are being responsible to create the letter, then you must need to know about these.

Before giving the letter to the employee, you should know about some characteristics that help you to choose the best person that deserve the position. It should be given to the right person in the company that has high dedication.

Then, in the form letter you write you have to mention about the responsibilities that the employee will hold because of the new position. Also, put the information about the benefit of getting the higher position to the chosen employee as well.

Always arrange the sample promotion letter template in a formal form with professional language. Express the data in a polite way and make the content brief with complete information and a congratulation message.


How to Make a Promotion Letter

A good letter should consist with a good arrangement. Even the simplest way, you need to put the information a complete form with useful information. Mention about the sender with a full name and a position title in the company.

To the receiver, to whom the letter is sent to, mention about it under the sender as well. Put the full name of the employee and the department the person is working to. Give the address of the company since it if a formal letter made by the company.

Then, give the date, the date when the letter is written. Greet the employee and congratulate them on the first place. Tell the employee that the company is glad to inform for the promotion. Give clear information about where the department the employee will be heading to.

Put the date of the effective working promotion is started. Inform the person about the name of the manager if the employee accepts the promotion. Inform about the amount of the salary the employee will get along with the benefits from the company.

Give a thankful message for the hardworking result the employee has and wait for further excellent performance in the new position. Remember to put a responsibility message so the employee will work with the same enthusiasm. Then, end promotion letter sample with a warm closing.


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