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Concerning business, promotion is an essential factor for success. The company can not separate from promotional activities; one of them is a promotional poster. The primary purpose of making it is convincing, inviting, and attracting the attention of prospective customers. Therefore, you should make promotional poster ideas as pleasant as possible.

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Promotional Poster Ideas

  1. Topic and purpose

The first step in creating a poster promotional ideasis to determine an idea. This idea adapted to the business concept that you will promote. Use words that are inviting, persuading, and convincing the reader. Write down the appeal of the product or service that you offer.

  1. Promotional Poster Template

After determining the ideas that fit your business concept, the second step is to pay attention to the poster design poster promotional  template. The design elements displayed must be in harmony with your business concept, including in designing layouts, choosing colors, fonts, and pictures or photos shown on posters.

  1. Information Sentences

The submission of information is the main essence of making posters. So, to be right on target, the sentence written on the promotional banner must be concise, persuasive, or persuasive. Font type, color, and font size must make striking while still considering the dimensions of the poster.

  1. Poster Book Promotion Size

Too large a poster size is very ineffective and exciting, just as if the poster size is too small. For promotional posters, the ideal size is 100 × 25 cm.

  1. Determine Strategic Locations

In determining the location of poster placement, you must always pay attention, no matter how good the ideas, concepts, and designs on the poster if the location of the sign is wrong or not in a strategic place; your promotional poster will not function optimally. Banners must be installed in crowded places so that the whole community can see and read the information on the sign. Several places such as stations, schools, terminals, markets, and locations are the most effective for you.

  1. Short language

Posters generally use concise and clear writing, as well as the size of the letters that tend to be significant. The extended essay makes the poster’s level of readability so low that information does not arrive.

  1. There are pictures of products or services

Signs usually accompanied by images of simple products or services that act as short explanatory writings. With illustrative photos, the purpose of the information is more easily captured and can be understood more quickly. Once again, the model used must be a simple and clear image.

  1. Color contrast

Another characteristic of a poster is the color composition chosen is very contrasting from the background color (background). The point is the same, namely, to be able to highlight short writing so that it is more visible. Using gradations of color is fine, as long as color paper remains in the eyes of the reader.

  1. Easy to read

As already mentioned, posters posted in crowded places will be seen for a fraction of a second. Why signs should be easy to read, especially for audiences who feel rushed.

Even if the promotional poster contains only a few words, it is still permissible.

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