3+ Education Envelope Templates Ideas

Learn About Education Envelope

The scope of the world of education is vast, the higher one’s knowledge will understand life. One of which is an education envelope, because this document is essential and we will use it both for personal gain and as an introduction to essential company documents.

Education Envelope Design PSD

Type Of Education Envelope Design

Even in education, envelopes are documents that used as a container for letters. It adds value to the formality of a message. Education envelope design PSD is not only the simple type and annoying, but there are many types of designs that you can use, for example:

  1. Standard Envelopes

This type of template is the most straightforward template with a basic model and contains information on the name and address of the institution.

  1. Classic Corners

You can choose this design if you like simple but exciting things. This design focused on one corner envelope by using one type of shape and color as desired.

  1. Flower Petals

If you want a more user-friendly design, use flower themes such as flower petals or other flower shapes.

  1. Hold My Hand

If your institution is a social organization, education envelope, this is a suitable design. With a cartoon sticker picture of people holding on to each other using a combination of pastel colors that gives the impression of calm and mutual support.

  1. Music Notes

In addition to people stickers, you can also use music notes as a border under the envelope.

  1. Molecule Strand

This design provides a molecular description of the hexagon shape that interlocked.

  1. Steps

You can use brush effects or other shapes designed in stages to form steps.

  1. Triangular Overlap

The overlapping triangular shape is also one of the attractive alternative designs in your envelope.

  1. Speckles

Collection of speckles of different sizes and beautiful pastel colors. Adjust the transparency of the speckles.

  1. Piece The Puzzle

You can also make a design with a rectangular shape where one corner turns into a piece of the puzzle.


Usefulness Education Envelope

You can create your own education envelope template PSD as you wish and need. Usually, this document used for educational environments at the school, college, or university letterhead level. This envelope used as a forum for letters in which there are many types and types of notes issued by educational institutions, ranging from notification letters, official travel letters, invitation letters, and so forth.

Create your custom envelope that contains your school’s identity so that your letter will look more credible. It also can be used as an institution branding so that more people know.

The information contained in this envelope is also quite simple, namely only the name and address of the educational institution. Because usually, the letters made are mass letters, so the recipient of the message is generally included in the letter itself, except for individual letters explicitly designated, the recipient column provided in the envelope.

Education Envelope Design Template

Because the use of education envelope is quite extensive, it is vital to know knowledge about procedures, writing rules, and design selection.

Education Envelope Design Ideas

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