3+ Painting Contractor Letterhead template ideas

Colorful Painting Contractor Letterhead Design Ideas


Including a painting contractor, it is necessary to use a painting contractor letterhead for documents such as letters or other documents issued by the contractor. Painting contractor services commonly used by building contractors in both office areas, malls, schools, agencies, or home scale. People prefer painting contractor services because it is simpler, without the need to spend energy and get the results of painting as desired. Painting is important for maintaining a building, choosing a good paint quality will add age to the building. Besides that, the colorful paint can give a different and fresh impression to a building.

Sample Painting Contractor Letterhead Design

Choose Design For Painting Contractor Letterhead

Choosing a design for a painting contractor must represent the service and quality of the painting. You can use rainbow colors or use company logos as a characteristic. Here are some designs that can be chosen to make a letterhead.

  1. House painting contractor PSD design

Currently, there are many types of paint colors with various qualities. One basic color can be made into several shades. As well as a variety of quality paints that can be used in your home. For example, paint that is leak-proof, or paints that is easy to clean. A paint color pallet provided by the contractor’s services. You can use the space on the top or bottom.

  1. Painter and painting contractor template

Besides using a wide variety of color pallets, you can use one type of color that represents your contracting services. Also, use an identical paintbrush graphic with a painting contractor. To continue to provide specificity in a design, you can use the same design form with different color variations for certain types of documents.

  1. Painting contractor template

But if you want something different, use the type of letterhead design that only includes the contractor company logo. The design is very simple and easy to make, simply by adding the contractor’s name, address, and contact information then your letterhead design is ready to use.

Several Types of Painting Contractor Letterhead

There are many examples of types of letterheads on the internet that you can use. For example, using illustrations that illustrate a painting contractor such as a paintbrush, you can make the illustration as if you were painting a white wall. Besides that, a rainbow border can also be used to show how cheerful and attractive it is to use a painting service in your area. But if your company wants an elegant and professional impression for your contracting company, using simple shapes with a variety of colors can be a choice. Add a watermark if needed, a watermark can be added if the letterhead design is simple enough. But if the letterhead design is too crowded with a variety of colors, you don’t need to add a watermark. You can use a watermark in the form of a contractor company logo, stripes, or polka-dot with color variations.

Sample Painting Contractor Letterhead Templates

Make the painting contractor letterhead PSD design as attractive as possible but do not make it excessive, because excessive design with colors that are too flashy can give a rushed impression on your company.

Painting Contractor Letterhead Templates Ideas


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