3+ IT Company Letterhead template ideas

How To Make Professional IT Company Letterhead Design


Make an IT company letterhead design can use a variety of variations but must still contain the company’s identity. IT companies use letterhead for various purposes, in addition to being a letterhead in an official letter issued by the company, several other documents also use a letterhead design. For example, in writing invoices as official documents that record transactions carried out by the company, minuting notice or meeting both internally and externally with those who work with the IT company. Letterheads are also used for tendering of legal announcements and other purposes.

IT Company Letterhead Template Sample

Samples of IT Company Letterhead Design

A company must have an official logo that shows the level of professionalism in building an IT company. The sample letterhead design for an IT company must contain the following information:

  1. Logo

The company logo contains philosophies that contain the goals and expectations of the construction of a company. In making IT company letterhead PSD design there must also be a company logo that identifies documents issued by certain companies. Of course, this letterhead is used to distinguish documents from one company with another.

  1. Company Name

The name of the company is also a characteristic of the company. Including the name of the company in the letterhead used in each document so that people can easily remember the name of the company and the products/services provided.

  1. Contact

The contact entered is in the form of an office telephone number and the official email address of the office. This is important for both customers and business colleagues to contact your company.

  1. Address

To be more easily known by the public, in the letterhead there must be an office address. Of course, potential customers can easily find buildings with detailed addresses listed in the letterhead.

  1. Watermark

So as not to seem too simple with a white base. You can add a watermark in the form of a company logo or other forms as long as it is not excessive and does not reduce the essence of the information in the document.

IT Company Letterhead’s Roles

The benefits of using letterhead for a company are important to demonstrate the legitimacy of the company. Other functions are:

  1. Boosting up company

The use of letterhead in IT companies can help in boosting up a company. Besides letterhead also shows the legality of a document. Using a letterhead in a document will increase the value of prestige.

  1. Show professionalism

Whether a small or big company needs a professional impression from the customer, it can be a letterhead.

  1. Marketing tool

Of course, the marketing strategy must try to make everything related to the company provide benefits as a branding and promotional media. Letterhead design functions as a marketing tool so that people are more familiar with the products/services issued by the company.

  1. Persuasion

Have you ever just looked and then moved to find out or even use the products/services advertised. Letterhead serves to influence people to use products issued by the company, including IT companies. An attractive and unique design can influence people to use the services of the IT Company.

PSD IT Company Letterhead Template

Show the uniqueness and quality of your company’s products/services in the IT company letterhead PSD. Use the design as a letterhead or some other company document.

IT Company Letterhead Design Ideas


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