3+ Auto Repair Letterhead template ideas

Customizable Auto Repair Letterhead Template


A businessman who usually uses an auto repair letterhead as an official letterhead that shows the identity of the line of business. Letterhead is the heading of the letter, usually at the top of the letter paper. But along with the development of design, letterhead can be placed on the side or as a header and footer at the same time. Letterhead contains important information about the identity of the sender of the letter. The use of letterhead in the auto repair business uses a more simple design with additional pictures/illustrations related to automotive.

Auto Repair Letterhead Template Sample

Some Ideas For Designing Auto Repair Letterhead

Creating a letterhead design is arguably tricky. It’s easy because the letterhead is only a small part of the whole document, so you don’t need to design one full paper. But the difficult thing is how to ensure design with a small space but has the uniqueness and characteristics that show your business field. Here are some ideas for making auto repair letterhead PSD design.

  1. Logo Company

The company logo is a logo that is designed philosophically following the characteristics of the company. The logo is a hallmark of the company, so every document or product that is released must have a company logo. Because this logo is very specific so that it can increase the company’s branding. For this reason, the company logo should include the company logo.

  1. Photo/Illustration

There are lots of auto repair businesses with a variety of conveniences and benefits provided. Create a unique letterhead design that is different from the others by adding photos/illustrations related to the automotive world. For example pictures/illustrations of cars, tires, repair equipment, or others.

  1. Business Name

The business name must be in the letterhead. Names are important things that give identity to both people personally and the company’s business.

  1. Address

So that new customers do not arrive at the wrong address, there must be an address for your auto repair in the letterhead. You can put this address at the top as a header or bottom as a footer.

  1. Contact

A contact person is a must in the letterhead. Include the office telephone number, e-mail address, and website address. The contact person is used by the customer to confirm the schedule or confirm.


Create a Letterhead Template

To make a letterhead, several things that must be taken into account include letterhead size. Because at present the use of letterhead for letters is not only for printed letters but also official letters sent online. Then the auto repair letterhead template PSD size must also be web-friendly, it would be nice if the letterhead is made with a size of 900px by 100px. A poor resolution will result in results that are not good, generally, the use of resolution for the letterhead is 300 dpi at the very least.

Sample Auto Repair Letterhead Template

Pay close attention to the results of the auto repair letterhead design that was made before sending it to your colleagues. Because it is important for corporate branding.


Auto Repair Letterhead Template Ideas


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