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International Students Day poster

On November 17th, it celebrated as International Students, which became a symbol of student struggle in 1939. Make a special event, and students usually asked to make international students day posters with their creativity.

An international students’ day poster competition held for students. Well, you have to make it by prioritizing attractive drawing designs complete with words whose meanings can convey to the reader.

International Students Day Poster Design Template

International Students Day poster Ideas

However, it is usually difficult for us to determine the words to convey. Confused? Here are some International Students Day Ideas that are interesting for the readers:

  1. Choose an Identical Picture with the School

The things that most attracts people to the poster that you make is a good picture and matches the theme you are making. Now, to make an International Students Day Poster, you have to choose the appropriate image, such as books, graduation hats, students, and other stationery.

You can also compare the picture of the lamp above the book as lighting education. So, create a poster image with a fresh and unique design so that the poster you make can inspire its readers.

  1. Determine Poster Design Layout

Apart from pictures, it turns out that poster design is also kind enough to attract the attention of readers. The layout of the images and writing of words will make your poster results better. So, do not neglect to place the paper above the picture, next to the map, or below the image.

So, you have to make the design first so that when you make the layout design, the poster neatly arranged so that the combination of the picture and the words look very unified.

  1. Make Interesting Words

Making a poster does not have to use long words, just with short words, but can convey the message to the reader. Sometimes the poster maker decides the terms the longest. Think of simple but exciting and useful words.

Still, confused about choosing words? Here it is some interesting words that you can choose.

“The best thing about students is their attitude.”

“Student Never Afraid to Ask Question.”

“Students Never Know Too Much”

“Students don’t feel the need to learn something new.”

  1. Write a Message

In making International Students Day Poster, you also have to prioritize the message to be conveyed starting from the picture or the words. The poster prefers the image. So, you should prioritize the selection of images that represent messages to students throughout the world.

The words that you use only overlap from the image you choose. For example, if you use an earth image added to a student picture, you can put a combination of these images with a flat centered layout design and then add the students “My Students, My Future.”

  1. Choose Bright Color

When making a poster, you need to determine the right color for the picture you are making. It doesn’t have to be brightly colored to make the image stand out more.

So, you only need to determine the colors that can make the poster design look more attractive with the integrated message.

That’s the most simple International Students Day Poster Ideas by prioritizing the right image design and choice of words.

Sample International Students Day Poster Template

International Students Day Poster Template Example

International Students Day Poster Design PSD

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