3+ Fundraising invitation Templates Sample

Make a Successful Fundraising invitation

Fundraising invitation used to invite donors to attend charity or charity activities. Funds collected in fundraising activities usually used for social and organizational interests, but not for personal attention. Fundraising activities can be carried out by individuals, organizations, and social institutions.

Fundraising Invitation Design PSD

Some Creative Fundraising Invitation PSD Design Ideas

Although fundraising or charity events are attended voluntarily, of course, in making invitations, they must be engaging so that more people are present and want to donate. Some examples of creative and unique designs that you can use are:

  1. Simple Template

The most straightforward template for creating an invitation-only contains information related to the event. Usually used a plain background with one color and a few simple shapes.

  1. Vintage Art

Vintage style is still one of the choices in making designs. Also included in the invitation design load, the old art style can be applied to give the impression of elegance.

  1. Specific Shape: Wine

Besides the color game, characters, and illustrations in the invitation. You can use letters with particular shapes according to the theme of the event. For example, you can use paper shaped wine bottles for charity activities.

  1. Autumn Fundraising Invitation

You can consider the autumn idea for invitation design to use at fundraising events. You can add fruit and vegetable stickers and a pleasant blend of orange and chocolate.

  1. Political Flag

If the purpose of fundraising activities is for political activities or public interests that are more formal. One of your design choices can be to use a political flag theme following your country.

  1. Heart Sticker

Of course, fundraising activities ask for donations to everyone voluntarily. Of course, heart stickers will describe the generosity and love that will channel to those in need.

  1. Invitation With Photo

Individuals can also do charity invitations. For example, donations for people who are seriously ill can not afford it. For this, you can add photos of people who need gifts.

Information On Fundraising Invitation

The information contained in the invitation for fundraising or charity is the same as other invitations. Some of the information includes:

  1. Time Information

Of course, to hold an event like charity, you must include a time statement starting from the hour, day, date, and year. This information must be present in every invitation.

  1. Place Information

Other information in an invitation card is a description of where the event held.

  1. Description of Activities / Objectives

In the fundraising invitation template PSD, there must be a description of the type of activity and specific objectives. So donors can know what money they are donating used.

  1. Amount of Donation

For donations to counted with a precise amount, some invitations list the minimum amount of contributions that must pay if you want to attend.

  1. S.V.P

In charity activities, sometimes the organizer will provide snacks and soft drinks or other facilities. For this reason, participants need to confirm this so that the RSVP also include in the invitation card.

Fundraising Invitation Template Example

Fundraising invitation must be made as informative as possible so that donors can trust and be sure to make their donations or money voluntarily.

Fundraising Invitation Design Template

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