3+ Bakery Rack Card Templates Example

Editable Bakery Rack Card Template

Surely you’ve seen a bakery rack card when visiting a bakery. These cards are usually small and contain information about new products or types of products in the coffee shop. Bakery today is a lucrative business, for employees who have a high busyness more often breakfast with bread. Besides being practical, you also have many variants of the type and taste of filling bread.

Bakery Rack Card Template Example

Tips To Make Bakery Rack Card

To make an attractive bakery rack card, of course, you have to pay attention to an eye-catching design to be attractive to customers. You can place this rack card on the counter or at the front of the bakery so that the customer can easily pick it up. Some tips on making a bakery rack card template PSD:

  1. Choose Right Picture/Illustration

To make an attractive rack card, choose the right type of picture/illustration. You can use the illustration of the form of bread to be promoted or use a photo of the product in your store. Edit as attractive as possible to make it look tempting.

  1. Pick Right Color Background

For asymmetrical rack card design, use a background color that matches your product illustration or image. Add some additional designs such as borders or other accessories.

  1. Make Draft For Your Design

To ensure that all-important information is on a rack card, you can first draft. This draft is used as a guide in making the overall design.

  1. Review

After everything has been done well, make sure again by reviewing the design that you created. Can also ask for help from friends or relatives to provide input and suggestions for the design that you created. After editing and everything is confirmed perfectly, then your design is ready to print.

Information Inside Bakery Rack Card Template

Make informative rack cards for effective and efficient promotion media. For this reason, some information that is usually loaded on a rack card, among others:

  1. Name and Logo Perusahaan

Branding is the main thing in promoting products. For this reason, in the promotion of rack cards, there must be a company name and logo to increase branding.

  1. Short Description

Next is a brief description of the company or your bakery. Maybe a brief history or a characteristic of a bakery.

  1. Kind of Products

Inside the rack card can also be filled with names with a brief description of the type of product. Like the flavor or composition variants used in these products. Feature quality ingredients for making bread is branding for your bakery.

  1. Price List

So that potential buyers can estimate their ability to buy your product, it is better to include a price list.

  1. Contact

Of course, there must be contacts that can be contacted such as telephone numbers, e-mail, or website addresses. To increase promotion, you can also make social media specifically for the promotion of bakery products like Instagram or Facebook.

PSD Template For Bakery Rack Card

You can get a great bakery rack card with high-quality design and free customizable right here. So, when will you start getting new customers with a rack card?

Bakery Rack Card Template Design

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