3+ Travel Agent Envelope Templates Ideas

How To Make A Travel Agent Envelope

A travel agent is a business entity that organizes business trips that hold meetings to sell or manage a travel business. They take care of everything related to travel administration, including in making a travel agent envelope.

Travel Agency Envelope Template Sample

The envelope travel agent functions to wrap customer files containing travel letters and others, so as not to splatter. Usually, in one envelope already contains various data such as tourist tickets to be visited and others. But even so, travel agencies also take care of other things such as coordinating and confirmation to the tour companies that will be visited by their customers.


The Elements Of Travel Agent Envelope

How to make a travel agent envelope must be the elements as follows:

  1. Logo

It is one of the first vital things that must be in every formal envelope. The logo is the typical symbol that the company uses. Put in on the right position of the envelope.

  1. Contact business

It aims at making the customer easier when there is a need else related to the travel agent. They can ask anything about their travel to the customer related to the tour booked. The customer can reach the information from the server through this phone company number. The call service depends on company policy. So, write down only one phone number for call center service.

  1. Company address

Write down the complete address of the company. Make it complete to be clear so that the customers will be easy to remember and find your travel agent company. It is also vital information must be in the travel agent envelope. It is helpful for the people who need urgent with the agent provider for consulting by face to face rather than through the call center.

  1. ebsite

Serve the link of your travel agent company website in the envelope. The aim is to help and provide complete information for the customer if they need it more. It is also for the marketing system. Logo, contact business, and company address are the most important ones in doing the marketing business system. Indirectly the travel agent company advertises it to the customer through the blueprint, which is written in the envelope.

  1. Design

The envelope design usually is in accordance with the level of booking tour. There will be differences between the economic business level, executive business level, etc. The more high booking level will make the design better.

Travel Agency Envelope Template Ideas

Those are all about how to make a travel agent envelope in a simple way. Hopefully, this article gives the information clear enough for you. A right envelope will provide an excellent impression to the customer. So make it elegant, luxury, and clear enough information so your customer will be easier to reach the service to your travel agent company again later.

Sample Travel Agency Envelope Template

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