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The Principles of Designing a Healthy Lifestyle Banner

Recently, we know an unhealthy lifestyle increase diseases. Easier to lose energy. Then, unhappy life because we are tortured by stress.

Many organization profits and nonprofit makes a campaign to increase the healthy lifestyle. Support by the internet, an organization can reach more wide and depth the audiences. So, they use visual design.

LifeStyle Banner Template Sample

A banner becomes a trend cause the content is explicit and has fewer words. So, people can easily understand the main point of the banner. If you intend to make a healthy lifestyle banner, I have the principles that may guide you while designing.

Healthy Lifestyle Banner Principles

  1. Decide your message.

For example, you want to deliver the other kind of fitness. You can introduce the concept of natural movement that is basic locomotion such as walking, running, and catching children in the park. Tell the core benefit and the reason why does it is important. In natural movement, you can tell this work out less of resource and omitted the bore because it will be doing in outdoor.

  1. Audience oriented design

Keen the audience that will be headed. Here, the audience can be a working guy that has a lot of business and need refreshing. So, make a design that represents it. Such as a healthy lifestyle banner that consists of a person who is walking happily to the office.

  1. Use a grid

The first step for newbie designers to undertake. Grid help designers align elements on the page concerning each other. It will produce a neat and logical design.

  1. Remember, the banner should be readability. Ensure the font type and size. Also, color, capital letter, and amount of words are easy to read in second.
  2. Let the banner be aesthetic. You can design the purposeful hierarchy (position of image and font), avoid the orphan and widow style, set the color background such as blue that refers to fresh and healthy, and the related images.There are rules about the position of a sentence (paragraph):
  • Justify for though issues and mainly in term spacing.
  • Left-aligned is the most common form. It is easily legible and quite lovely.
  • Right-aligned: use to decorative purposes within small pieces of content.
  • Centered: a banner more suitable with this type because it makes it easy to balance out. It will increase the aesthetic of the typical arrangement.
  1. Check the grammar and spelling

There are a lot of hidden rules that you don’t know. Just take your time, use a software check, and discuss it with the expert are the answer. People will see spelling and grammar mistakes are a fool and an unprofessional act.

  1. Use the right tools

Use the proper tool of selection when rasterized image. The digital graphic files divide to two types, rasters, and vectors. The difference between them is the ability to scale the graphic. Vector will be better scaling up than raster type.

Well, are you ready to make a great that lifestyle banner for your organization? I wish you luck!

Lifestyle Banner Template Sample

Sample LifeStyle Banner Template

PSD LifeStyle Banner Template


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