3+ Spa Rack Card Templates Example

5 Ideas Salon And Spa Rack Card

Salon and spa rack card contains the types and techniques of new and expert treatment at the salon. Many women like to visit a salon or spa to pamper themselves. Not only women, now the treatment provided at the salon can be used by men. Many treatments do in a salon or spa from toe to head not just for haircuts. Starting from manicure and pedicure, scrubs, massages, facials, cream bath, smoothing, rebonding, or other types of treatment with special techniques.

SPA Rack Card Template Sample

Why Use Salon And Spa Rack Card?

Maybe you are still finding out what promotion methods are the most appropriate and can save costs. Choose a rack card as a choice. Why should I choose a rack card? Here are some reasons that can be your consideration, namely:

  1. Cost-friendly

Rack cards are cheaper promotional media compared to other promotional media. The small design makes it can be stored anywhere, you can put it on the reception desk or the dressing table as customer reading while waiting or undergoing treatment.

  1. Informative

Information on a rack card with a small size requires you to make effective. So that just by reading the rack card, the customer will understand and know the picture of your product or salon and spa.

  1. Flexible

The use of rack cards is very flexible, you can create designs on one side or both sides. Besides that, an alternative design can also be made as a hanger to be installed on the door handle.

5 Samples Ideas Salon And Spa Rack Card

If you want to make a salon and spa rack chord maybe you should look at a few examples first.

  1. Spa Rack Card Template PSD

Rack cards can be used to notify the promo period to get treatment at your salon. The design used is enough to illustrate the treatment that gets a promotion, includes information on the promo period and price discounts. And don’t forget the name and location of your salon.

  1. Beauty Spa Salon Rack Card

Facial treatments are very popular with the public, therefore rack cards can also be made to promote beauty treatments. Add a description of the type of treatment and the benefits to be gained.

  1. Hair Salon Rack Card

Today’s hair care is not only haircuts, but there are many types of hair treatments with very varied techniques. Promote hair treatment in your salon using a hair salon rack card.

  1. Elegant Spa Salon Rack Card

One of the rack card designs that can be used is an elegant design. To show the quality of your salon and spa. Use a combination of two or three color gradations with a glitter effect.

  1. Creative Salon Rack Card

To make a rack card must also be demanded to be creative so it is not boring. You can vary illustrations or photos with various layouts to make your rack card design unique and creative.

PSD SPA Rack Card Template

After you know how to create a salon and spa rack card and see the examples, now you ready to start to make your rack card.

Sample SPA Rack Card Template

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