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How to Make Leave of Absence Letter with the Proper Format to Submit to Employer

Along the way of one’s career, employee might find the need to ask for temporary leave from their work. Usually, it takes 3 days at minimum. The reason for one’s future absence can be many things. They could be ceremony, education, pregnancy, etc. Leave of absence letter must be written, then.

Of course, the letter has to be properly and politely written, but the letter is not as formal as the others since you don’t have to make letterhead to start everything. Here, let us tell you how to make the letter. You can follow the format here.

Leave of Absence Letter

Step 1 – Leave of Absence Letter to Write

First of all, you need to mention the address of the recipient. In this case, the recipient would be your employer. So, you can write the address of the company. You don’t have to put the phone number in it for you can now send business letter through email or give it to the employer yourself.

Once you are done with that, write your greeting before you start the first paragraph. You can simply use “Dear Mr. /Mrs. …,” like most greetings in letters. Absence leave letter will still have to follow the proper manner to address authority.

Leave of Absence Letter to Customers

Step 2 – Leave of Absence Letter to Write

Let’s begin the first paragraph then. Inform your request of personal leave in it. Mention how long you are going to leave and from when it will start. Write the exact date and month of the year to avoid misunderstanding of all sorts. Then, the employer would know when you are not at the office.

Still in the same paragraph, you have to mention the reason of your leave. You can be more specific in you want. For example, your mother is said to have operation on breast cancer at specific hospital and you’ll have to be there to care for her.

Step 3 – Leave of Absence Letter to Write

The next paragraph will be the place where you have to convince the employer that your work won’t suffer from your leave. In your absence leave request, you might as well say that you have done the work load for the month or that you are accessible through phone or email even during the absence.

You can make new paragraph after this and close the letter by thanking the employer for his or her consideration. Don’t forget to also mention that you are looking forward for him/her to grant your request to leave for the said span of time.

Medical Leave of Absence Letter from Doctor

Step 4 – Leave of Absence Letter to Write

By this time, we have reached the end of the letter. You are done with the content of the letter. You have made the closing words too. Now, end the formal letter by putting “Sincerely yours,” Put your signature and mention your name below it. That should cover the main points of this letter format.

You can add your address at the bottom as the sender of the letter, however. Write it just like you do with the recipient’s address above. Then, you are done with your leave of absence letter. It is typically simple and easy to make yourself.

Medical Leave of Absence Letter Sample Leave Absence Letter


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