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Meeting minutes become one of the most important documents used by the people in the company which consist of information that has been discussed in the meeting. By using this document, everyone who didn’t attend the meeting can use this document to know what happened during the meeting and help them decide what steps to do for the current or the next project. Hence, a person who writes these points should know which one is the things need to be included or not. In this case, the meeting minutes template becomes very important to help someone writes a tidy note.

Generally, the meeting minutes will include:

  • The name of the attendance (the participant of the meeting)
  • Agendas that are going to be discussed.
  • Decisions related to the issues and some ideas
  • Follow-up actions and the progress of the projects
  • Completions of the actions and target
  • Events that are worth to be recorded

How Does The Meeting Minutes Function?

As the historical document, the meeting minutes will cover the ideas that lead to the next discussion. This also underlines some unsolved problems to be brought in the next meeting which probably everyone will still be stuck with.

However, this writing this historical document doesn’t mean we have to record everything. Stated who said something is enough.

When Do We Need To Share The Document?

Generally, the result of the meeting will be shared right after the meeting ends through electronic. Hence, all the participants will remember and notice everything should be done or not. This includes underlining the deadlines and commitments as well as clarifications. So, it is important for the note-taker to disseminate it within 24 hours.

This will function as the reminder for the team members so they will reach the target.

How To Utilize The Meeting Minutes Templates?

We have varieties of meeting minutes templates that are categorized with the type of meeting. We have the best design from the basics template until the most detailed ones.


  • The basic meeting minutes template – This is suitable for the informal meeting which doesn’t require certain table formatting. The design is simple and really understandable so you will be easy to write the note.
  • Detailed Meeting Minutes Template – This template has more details and handy which allow you to write down the critical point while staying organized.

Tips Writing Meeting Minutes

Make sure you record the commitments, decisions and major points need to be done including the critical issue and other targets.

Record all the actions committed by the meeting attendances. This includes the due date and the general discussions.

Review the main points of the discussions and all the assignments committed by the members so they can agree or disagree and make it as the final decision.

Make sure become the team player who accept some additional information to be included or things that don’t need to be written down. Let also the attendance correct things in the Minutes.

Apart from that, keep the writing straight on point and don’t need to write in a super detail paragraph.

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