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Back to the crime genre of movies, we often see the wanter poster so often that someone is seeking for a murder. Yep, this wanted sign is basically a poster that is distributed to the public if someone alleged criminal and it usually consisted of a photograph or image released by the police. At the past, the old west poster often wrote the ‘dead or alive’ on the poster when the crime it was a dangerous crime.

The use of the wanted poster in the past f the Old West was due to the law enforcement which was purposed to alert the people in public about someone who committed a crime. The information included in the poster was the photograph or the drawing if it was impossible. Besides, people at the past who found the crime stated in the poster would get a reward. Due to this case, there many innocent men were forced to admit things they did not commit.

There was one of the most famous people was sought for, the John Wilkes Booth that killed President Abraham Lincoln. After 5 years of Lincoln death, the authorities distributed the posters with the $225,000 price.

The information in the poster also usually contains what the authorities have. It may have the photograph and also the snapshot if it is available. Most importantly, the authorities will try to include the details in the profile including the weight, hair, weight and eye color so the searching will be much easier.

It is a shame that the past didn’t have another way of finding the wanted person, so this was the only way. At the past, there were so many citizens and the sheriff who ran to the nearest wanted poster jus to compare the face. By this way, there were many murder and robber caught in this way.

How Is The Wanted Poster Now Used For?

The modernity now changes everything including the use of this wanted poster. Today people use this poster for fun whether it is for a school project or even a party. The wanted poster becomes the most favorited item and best decoration on the wall. Also, many people use the wanted poster template as the photo frame as a way to have fun in the social media. It changes to be the new lifestyle instead of its natural usage. Even, we can find so many wanted poster templates on the internet we can use for this purpose.

How Our Wanted Poster Template Differ from Others?

Our wanted poster templates come with the most interesting design and you can customize it as you want. It is available from the most simple design, the classic one or even the one with the most complete design.

Besides using it for fun, the posters are all customizable and you can use it for a certain purpose, whether you can change the headline for finding the missing dog or others. Keep in mind that you cannot use the wanted poster on the street for fun because in certain areas this against the laws as you need the authorities to share it.

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