Counter Offer Letter and How to Make a Good One

In applying a job, you will find about the counter offer letter. Yes, this letter is the written response from the candidate. In common, this letter is written because the candidate does not consider the compensation of the package acceptable.

Inside this letter, the candidate typically expresses the fact of interest in the position. However, in making deal, the candidate also has desire in order to change the offered compensation package.

When to Counter Offer

As we have said before, the letter of counter offer is used to give response. Here, you are able to send this kind of letter when you do not satisfy with the detail of compensation package. For example, you may write this letter when you see the salary is not high enough or other.

However, although this way is able to do, you do not need the fact about it. Yes, you need to know that not all companies allow considering the counter offer. It means that some companies have main rules that the candidate should follow when they want to join becoming employee.


The Benefit of Counter Offer Letter

In practice, there are multiple ways to deliver the right counter offer letter. Some people will meet with the employer in order to make negotiation. However, the negotiation also could be done by talking with the phone cellular.

In other hand, writing the letter is the next way to do. This way is very interesting and right, especially for those who are nervous facing the employer in stating their mind. Then, the letter is also will be effective for those who feel having better communication in writing than speaking.


Tips to Write Counter Offer Letter

Since we know that this letter is important, of course you need to know the tips to write it. Knowing the tips of counter offer letter is important, so you could get the right way in making it. Then, what are the tips in writing the letter? See the detail of it below:

  • Think about the whole package

Before writing this letter, you need to think about the whole package. In this case, please do not only focus on the salary. You also need to know the facilities offered by the employer. Other detail to see are insurance, signing bonuses and others.

  • Have clear reasons backed with research

It will be better when you do some researches before requesting the counter offer. Well, it is quite important for you to get the specific reasons to make this letter. When you show objective and good reasons, of course you also will get the good reply from the employee.

  • Sell yourself

Explore your ability in making this letter. By showing the capabilities of you, of course you will get support why your letter is important. Then, when you want to have a high salary, of course you also need to increase your ability. Besides, do not forget to edit and proof read the letter.

Well, that is all about the counter offer letter. This letter is very important, especially for those who want to do negotiation with the employer before joining as a new employee. Find the example of it, so you will be easier in writing it.


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