Employment Offer Letter and Ways to Make It

The employment offer letter is an important letter written by a company in order to follow up the asking of candidate to get a new job. By writing this letter, the company give the news of the status of the candidate. Of course, the status could be two: they accept or refuse.

It is kind of a formal letter. By the formal detail, the letter is written using the formal language usage and the writing style. Then, inside this letter, there is also a letter head with the name of the company. Well, here, we will talk about some matters inside the letter of employment offer.

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Kinds of Employment Offer Letter

We may see that the letter of employment offer is important, especially for the relationship between the candidate and company. Well, by the importance, making this letter should be careful and by knowing some aspects of it.

However, before talking more about the ways in making good employment offer letter, here we will show you some kinds of that letter. There are some kinds of the letter of employment offer, as:

  • Employment offer letter acceptance
  • Executive employment offer letter
  • And others

Seeing the points above, we may see that there are some kinds of the letter of employment offer that you may make. Something that you need to highlight here is the specific kind of the letter needs the different format. You need to make sure that you know the format of the letter.

What to Includes in Employment Offer Letter?

In order to make a good employment offer letter, there are some matters that you need to know to include inside this letter. By including some matters inside the letter, of course you are able to create good letter, just you want.

Some kinds of the matters that you need to include are:

  • Job description

The detail of the job should be described well. By the well description of the job, of course the candidate of employee will know what they need to do when they are accepted in the new position inside the company.

  • Job title

The job title also should be mentioned inside the letter. The title of the job also plays an important role in describing the detail of the job.

  • Reporting structure

The next matter to include inside the letter is the reporting structure. The reporting structure tells about the structure inside the company that you may get when you are joining with them.

  • Starting date of employment

It is one of the most important matter inside the letter that you need to know and to include. As its name, this matter tells about the first date of the employee to work inside the company. Of course, when they get the first day of work, it means that the company accept them.

  • Salary

The salary should be mentioned in the first sight of the company and employee. Here, through the letter, the company could tell the amount of the salary that the employee will get when they are working inside the company.

Well, that is all about the employment offer letter. Do some researches in order to find the sample of it.


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