Collection Letter Example and Tips to Make It

Do you ever see about the collection letter example? Well, the collection letter is a common letter using for the business needs, especially about the payment. By using the collection letter, you will be able to know the missed payments, the contact information, the consequences and others.

Seeing a brief explanation about the collection letter as above, we may see that this letter includes in important letter. In this occasion, we will talk to you about some matters inside the collection letter and some tips when you want to write it.

Then, what are the details of this collection letter? Please take a sit and read some following writings below.


Kinds of Collection Letter

Knowing the ways to make collection letter is important in order to make a right letter. However, before talking about the ways to write it down, here we will talk to you about the kinds of it. Yes, knowing the kinds of collection letter is also important to help you making the right letter.

Kinds of the collection letter are:

  • Collection letter clerical error
  • Debt collection letter
  • Response to debt collection letter
  • Disputed collection letter
  • Debt collection agency letter
  • Payment collection letter
  • Late payment collection letter
  • And others

Seeing the points as above, we may see that there are some kinds of the collection letter to know. An important matter here to know is that the different kind of letter sometimes requires the different format of letter.


Things to Do in Making Collection Letter

There are some things that you need to do in order to make a great collection letter. The kinds of things that you need to do are:

  • Keep it short and the collection letter should be written to the point. In writing this letter, you are not allowed to use the complicated language
  • Type the letter. The handwrite collection letter is not allowed
  • Write the letterhead of the company
  • Include a copy of the invoice or the summarized statement when there are multiple outstanding invoices
  • Include the specific date of the account
  • Include acceptable payment to know, such as the credit card, debit card or check
  • Write down the contact information in detail, such as phone number, email address and mailing address
  • Do not forget to write down about the postage paid


Do’s and Don’ts of Writing the Collection Letter

In order to make a perfect collection letter, of course knowing what to do and don’t in writing this letter is important. You may do something allowed and then don’t do something avoid.

The ‘do’ things to apply in making this letter are:

  • Do send an email before you send the first collection letter
  • Do attempt in order to call the customer. It should be done before sending the first collection letter
  • Do assume that the customer will fulfill and pay the payment
  • Do keep the collection letter professional. Use the formal language when you are writing the collection letter

The ‘don’t’ things to avoid in making this letter are:

  • Don’t communicate using the social media links
  • Don’t send the text messages to the contact of customers
  • Don’t harass and similar things to the customers
  • Don’t use the harsh and similar words in writing collection letter

Well, that is all about the collection letter. Do some researches to find the good and right collection letter example.


Final Medical Collection Letter

Final Notice Collection Letter
Friendly Debt Collection Letter
Friendly Reminder Collection Letter Manager Credit and Collection Letter
Medical Bill Collection Letter Medical Collection Dispute Letter
Partial Payment Collection Letter Payment Plan Collection Letter Response to Attorney Collection Letter Response to Debt Collection Letter Small Business Collection Letter Standard Medical Collection Letter Aggressive Collection Letter Example Attorney Debt Collection Letter Bill Collection Dispute Letter Business Collection Demand Letter Collection Agency Demand Letter Collection Agency Dispute Letter Collection Agency Settlement Letter Credit and Collection Cover Letter Customer Collection Transmittal Letter Customer Debt Collection Letter Customer Final Collection Letter Customer Friendly Collection Letter Debt Collection Dispute Letter Demand Debt Collection Letter Demand of Payment Collection Letter Dental Collection Letter to Patient Dental Office Collection Letter Dispute Collection Agency Letter Dispute Debt Collection Letter Due Bill Collection Letter Final Collection Attempt Letter Final Debt Collection Letter Final Demand Collection Letter odt Final Demand Collection Letter

# File File size Downloads
1 Collection Agency Demand Letter.odt.tar 26 KB 243
2 Collection Agency Dispute Letter.odt.tar 56 KB 221
3 Collection Agency Settlement Letter.odt.tar 31 KB 245
4 Credit and Collection Cover Letter.odt.tar 42 KB 204
5 Customer Collection Transmittal Letter..tar 5 KB 206
6 Customer Debt Collection Letter.odt.tar 26 KB 201
7 Customer Final Collection Letter.odt.tar 43 KB 203
8 Customer Friendly Collection Letter.odt.tar 36 KB 199
9 Debt Collection Agency Letter..tar 355 KB 197
10 Debt Collection Dispute Letter..tar 57 KB 208
11 Demand Debt Collection Letter..tar 695 KB 208
12 Demand of Payment Collection Letter..tar 27 KB 190
13 Dental Collection Letter to Patient.odt.tar 32 KB 245
14 Dental Office Collection Letter.odt.tar 60 KB 205
15 Dispute Collection Agency Letter.odt.tar 39 KB 218
16 Dispute Debt Collection Letter..tar 71 KB 211
17 Due Bill Collection Letter..tar 57 KB 203
18 Final Collection Attempt Letter..tar 48 KB 205
19 Final Debt Collection Letter.odt.tar 32 KB 189
20 Final Demand Collection Letter..tar 57 KB 192
21 Final Demand Collection Letter.odt.tar 33 KB 222
22 Final Medical Collection Letter..tar 67 KB 221
23 Final Notice Collection Letter.odt.tar 23 KB 194
24 Friendly Debt Collection Letter.odt.tar 29 KB 193
25 Friendly Reminder Collection Letter..tar 34 KB 202
26 Late Payment Collection Letter..tar 1 MB 247
27 Manager Credit and Collection Letter.odt.tar 46 KB 198
28 Medical Bill Collection Letter..tar 40 KB 193
29 Medical Collection Dispute Letter..tar 79 KB 181
30 Medical Collection Dispute Letter..tar1 795 KB 214
31 Partial Payment Collection Letter..tar 181 KB 180
32 Payment Plan Collection Letter..tar 37 KB 179
33 Professional Business Collection Letter..tar 35 KB 185
34 Response to Attorney Collection Letter..tar 123 KB 187
35 Response to Debt Collection Letter..tar 16 KB 198
36 Small Business Collection Letter..tar 181 KB 193
37 Standard Medical Collection Letter..tar 27 KB 183
38 Aggressive Collection Letter Example.odt.tar 31 KB 176
39 Attorney Debt Collection Letter..tar 342 KB 182
40 Bill Collection Dispute Letter..tar 11 KB 180
41 Business Collection Demand Letter..tar 142 KB 183
42 Business Debt Collection Letter..tar 35 KB 174
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