Sample College Letter of Intent and What to Do in Writing It

Do you ever hear about the letter of intent? Well, the letter of intent is another document inserted when you want to look for job. The letter is commonly sent together with the CV. Of course, since it is an important letter, finding the sample college letter of intent will be nice thing for you.

Of course, by making the letter of intent, the employer will get higher trust to you. In other hand, the letter is also universal. It means that this letter could be used for every person, including you who are fresh graduated from the college.

Proper Use of College Letter of Intent Format

Since this letter is important, making the right college letter of intent is the first matter that you need to do. Here, in order to make a clear letter of intent, for the first you need to know about its format. By following the right format, the result of the letter also will be better.

Well, the detail formats that you need to follow in making the letter of intent are:

  • Greetings

In writing this letter, it will be better for you to start it with the professional greeting. Here, you need to know the name of the person as the purpose of letter when you face it individually. However, when the address of the letter is group, you need to use the different detail.

  • Introduce yourself

After the professional greeting, it will be better when you follow it with the introduction of yourself. Of course, introducing self is very important in order to make a new relationship with the employer.

Besides explaining yourself, you also need to give the reasons of writing this letter. The reasons of writing will be the strong support to show that this letter is totally important. Think about the possibilities of reasons to write in your letter.

  • State your achievement and qualification

The next format to think in making the letter of intent is stating the achievement and qualification. In this case, you need to show something you have reached in your career. These matters are important in order to build trusts from the employer.

  • Request for a reply

It will be best when you ask a reply for the letter. The reply could be the sign whether you are applied or not. Well, in line with this matter, do not forget to include your contact address. The contact address will be important part for the best college letter of intent.

  • End your letter of intent

When the body of the letter is finished by explaining the reasons of writing and showing your achievement, here you need to think about the end of your letter. In closing the letter, you could use the professional style by using ‘sincerely’.

Well, that is all about the college letter of intent. Since it is an important letter, you need to think about the detail of it before making. Then, you also could do some researches in order to find the sample college letter of intent to help you in making it.


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