Eviction Notice Letter and How to Write It Well

The eviction notice letter is used by the landlords or the owners of properties to issue notice to the tenant in order to vacate their contract with the valid reasons. This letter is made by the landlord in order to evict the tenants. Of course, this letter is able to make when there is problem from tenants.

Something to know here this letter is legal. It means that it has consequences of right after it is made. Then, this letter is written formally with the certain format. This letter also should mention the reasons why landlord sends it and why they want to evict the tenants.


Kinds of Eviction Notice Letter

Since it is formal and important letter in order to decide the position of landlord and tenants, making the good eviction notice letter are the task that you need to do. However, before knowing the ways to make this letter, it will be good for you to know the kinds of this letter.

Yes, there are some kinds of the letter of eviction notice that you need to know. By knowing the kinds of this letter, of course you could find the right format of this letter, so you could make the best one. The kinds of this letter are:

  • Non-payment of rent eviction notice
  • Rent eviction notice
  • Notice of eviction date
  • Landlord eviction note
  • Five-day eviction notice letter
  • And others

Seeing the points as above, we may see that there are some kinds of the letter of eviction notice. Something to highlight here is sometimes, the specific kind of the letter will need the different letter format. You need to make sure that you apply the well and appropriate format in writing it.

How to Write the Eviction Notice Letter?

There are some matters that you need to do in writing good eviction notice letter. Of course, knowing the ways to make this latter is important, so the letter that you are writing is right.

Some ways to write this kind of letter are:

  • Determine the violation

For the first, you need to determine the violation. Yes, when you want to evict the tenants, of course you need to have strong reasons why the tenant should go away from your properties. The reasons that you are written there should be objective.

  • Check state and local laws

Before writing this kind of letter, you also need to check the state and local laws. It is important because this letter could be said as non-usual letter. Those are some information of the laws that you need to know, such as the period you give the tenant after the notice.

Then, it will be nice when you also know how to send the notice for the tenant. In other hand, by the notice, you are also able to ask the tenant to fix the problem, so they do not need to cut off the contract.

  • Write eviction notice

When the first and second points are complete, the next matter to do is writing the notice of eviction. In writing this notice, it will be better when you follow the specific format of the letter. As the format or parts of the letter, you could follow some points below:

  • The address of the properties
  • The full name of the landlord and the tenant
  • The date of the letter is written
  • The violation made by tenants
  • Options when tenant fix or remedy the situation and their violations
  • How long they get chance to fix their fault
  • What happen when the tenants do nothing about their faults?
  • Who they could contact when they have question?

Well, that is all about the eviction notice letter. Do some researches to get its example.


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