Donation Receipt Letter and How to Make a Good One

The donation receipt letter is more than the ‘thank you’ letter. This letter is the evidence that the donation has been received well. By the receipt letter, of course the donor will get notification about what they donate. Of course, it could be the way to build warm relationship between two sides.

In common, this kind of letter is written in many forms. It could be letter, e-mails or even postcard. There is also no official IRS form to follow. It means, in common, you are free to apply a format in writing it. However, the format depends on the addressee that you want to send the letter.


What to Include Inside Donation Receipt Letter?

Since this letter is important as one of the appreciation letter, making a good donation receipt letter could be the first task that you need to do. In order to make a good letter, there are some matters to include in this letter that should be known.

The matters to include inside this letter are:

  • Tax-exempt status statement

For the first, you need to write about the tax-exempt status statement in order to make other know –especially the donor, about the status of your organization. This matter is important because some donors want to check the status of charity after giving donation.

  • Name of the organization and donor

The letter should mention the name of organization that you have. Write down the name of organization in complete with its address too. In other hand, you also need to write the name of the donor completely.

  • Date of contribution

To make a good donation receipt letter, here you need to write about the date of the contribution. It is an important matter that you need to highlight. The date of contribution shows that the donation has been received well.

  • Contribution detail

Not only the date of contribution, the letter also needs to talk about the detail of contribution. In this matter, when you get the cash donation, you need to mention the amount of the donation. Then, when you get non-cash gifts, tell about the description of it.

  • Statement

The statement is the main matter inside this letter that you need to write. Here, the statement tells about the appreciation for the deed by the donor. Then, do not forget to say thank you about the help of the donor.

It will be better when you say that the donation is very nice and it could be used to fulfill the needed of organization or charity. The warm appreciation here could be used to build long term relationship and inspire the donor to give more than before.

Tips in Writing Donation Receipt Letter

In writing this letter, it will be good when you apply a clear language and writing style. This letter not should be formal –it depends of the addressee, but the language should be clear and simple.

In other hand, do not write too long letter. This letter is good when you only write around a page of letter. Well, that is all about the donation receipt letter. Do some researches in order to find the example of it.


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