Architecture Resume Example and Architect Job Description


Just because you are an experienced and talented architect who has been in the industry for a while, it doesn’t mean that writing the Architecture resume will be easy. In fact, you’d be surprised to find out that even experienced and skilled people with years of experience in their hands are incapable of writing and tweaking a decent resume. In the end, you may pass a good opportunity just because you are unable to display your quality, capabilities, qualifications, and abilities properly through the resume.


Keep in mind that resumes are playing an important role in job application. Without a decent resume, your chances to nail the job will be very small. When you are working as an architect, you need to include your specialties and skills in the resume so the hiring manager should be able to see and understand your value – and how much you can contribute to the company and the job. Basically, you want your Architecture resume to be both informative and attractive.

You need to realize that each industry or sector has its own special terms or keywords. The same thing also happens to your resume writing for the architect work. Instead of focusing on general terms and keywords, it would be better to include more architecture terms so the hiring managers know that you mean business. It will certainly differentiate your resume from the others – increasing your chances to nail the dream job.


Architecture Resume Example

Dale W. Snow

Address: 846 West Mirrorview Road. Portland, OR 78290

Phone: (376) 555 – 7782


Current job: Commercial specialized architect; Greenwater Property and Developer; Portland, OR



A professional licensed and expertise architect with a Master degree in Construction and Architecture. More than 7 years of experience designing residential houses, offices, and buildings as well as being responsible for residential and office renovation projects, looking for the chances for developing and expanding skills in construction and public infrastructure designing. Also a certified expert with abilities of operating Vertex Architectural BD, AutoDCR, Bridge Designer, and AutoCAD. Critical thinking, problem-solving ability, and creativity are three of my strongest qualities that are crucial when looking and seeking for solutions that can be advantageous for general public.



Strengths and Skills:

  • Master degree in Construction and Architecture
  • Professional licensed architect with certification in Bridge Designer, Vertex Architectural BD, AutoDCR, and AutoCAD
  • Critical thinker
  • Problem solver
  • Creative
  • +7 years of experience
  • Effective communicator
  • Great listener
  • Focus on details and small matters


Professional Working Experience

Commercial Specialized Architect

Greenwater Property and Developer. Portland, OR

2014 – present


  • Consult and discuss regularly with the client on projects progress, especially concerning budget realignment and adjustment
  • Perform as the lead architect for commercial projects from the beginning to the end – from the early planning to the process of design development
  • Make changes in design plans and drawing under close monitoring and consultation with government agencies, contractors, clients, and also suppliers
  • Oversee and monitor the design drawing preparation that follows the specific instructions as outlined in the building and construction documents
  • Conduct and perform preliminary architectural studies and research for the public infrastructure work and projects
  • Preside the group preliminary groups and meeting with clients to understand their wants, needs, and requirements
  • Design, plan, and document the industrial and commercial construction projects


Commercial Architect

Windfield and Baker Architectural Project. New York, NY

2008 – 2014


  • Prepared all designs materials and drawings for the company’s priority projects
  • Organized and managed all government or federal secured contracts, permits, and licenses
  • Tasked and given responsibility to be in charge as the primary architect for the company’s development projects in Salem Region Port Area, New Jersey, from 2009 – 2011. Designed the Outlet Center, Local History Museum, Adventure Town, Extreme Beer and Grill Dining Experience, and Administration Office
  • Scheduled meetings with potential and prospective company’s clients. It included handling and managing the screening procedures and preliminary interview
  • Represented the company when working and coordinating with local government offices and agencies


Residential Architect

Carpio Ultra Design and Property. Portland, OR

2005 – 2008


  • Made sure of correct deposits, licenses, and permits were secured and paid
  • Prepared all the materials and design drawings as well as checking and approving the construction materials
  • Chosen as the Lead and Head Architecture for the company’s residential project in Houston, Texas.
  • Worked on site as well monitoring the progress together with various suppliers, engineers, construction team, and contractors
  • Performed inspections and checking with the engineers from city government
  • Reviewed and tasked for preparation project, including the pre-approved engineering, mechanical, and electrical submission work



Master degree in Construction and Architecture

Deep Valley University. Portland, OR


Bachelor degree in Architecture

Deep Valley University. Portland, OR


Personal Information

  • Married with 2 children
  • Date of birth: January he 17th 1986
  • Personal interest: landscaping, painting, golf, culinary


Architect Job Description

Before writing your Architect resume, keep in mind that your duties as the architect are to construct and build structures. In general, the architect is in charge for designing buildings inside and outside as well as considering the elements of aesthetics, functions, and engineering carefully. Architecture may be an art but it will be enjoyed by other people – not merely by the owner. When a well-designed and carefully structures are carefully planned and constructed, it can enrich a lot of life and it can last for decades or even centuries.


The most difficult thing about designing and constructing the structure is to make sure that it isn’t only functional but also safe. Unlike what people believe, it takes a lot of processes and stages and the overall procedures can be quite complex. That’s why it takes a professional, skilled, and talented architect with Master degree that can work with a lot of people and parties, including vendors, government officials and agencies, and others.


Architect Vacant Position

Our property company is currently in search of an experienced and talented Architect to join the team. The team will be in charge of performing all the stages within the architectural work that includes designing, planning, checking, and overseeing the overall construction. It is also highly likely that you will take part and be involved in new construction extensions, restorations, building designs, alterations, and also conservation from the early stage to the final completion. The purpose is to produce a satisfying outcome that matches the clients’ requirements and to deliver a functional, aesthetically, and sustainable pleasing designs


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Compile and gather project specifications
  • Follow architectural advancements and trends
  • Control project from the beginning to the end to make sure of innovative, functional, and high-quality design
  • Perform and maintain the project within the planned timelines and budgets
  • Take and suggest a brief to identify and know what client wants and then think about putting together design proposals and feasibility reports
  • Work together and liaise with other professionals and construction experts
  • Develop ideas an plans regarding the building function and use, environmental impact, and clients needs
  • Make on-site checking and visit to monitor and oversee project progress and status on the project report
  • Produce and create detailed blueprints and make the necessary corrections or fix when needed
  • Make sure that all work are monitored and carried out within the specific standards, regulations, guidelines, and building codes


Skills, Requirements, and Qualifications

  • Strong and solid portfolio to prove creative and artistic skills
  • Proven past and direct working experience as a professional and certified architect
  • Bachelor degree in Construction. A higher degree will be an advantage
  • Excellent visual awareness as well as a detailed attention to small matters and things
  • Expert knowledge of construction details, building products, and relevant regulations, quality standards, and rules.
  • Impressive communication skills in both verbal and written form
  • Good project management ability and leadership quality
  • Strong and creative imagination as well as solid logical skill
  • Impressive ability to create and think in 3D form
  • Impressive drawing skill as well as the familiarity with various design programs or software, such as 3D Viz Studio, SketchUp, Adobe Photoshop, or others


Mistakes to Avoid in Resume Writing

Not many people realize that they are making mistakes when composing their own Architecture resume. The common mistakes are:

  • Keep in mind that a hiring manager only has at least 6 seconds to scan and review the resume. When they scan the resume, they are hoping to find valuable information to determine whether your resume will go to the ‘Yes’ pile or to ‘No’ pile. If they don’t find any valuable information, they will definitely toss your resume to the ‘no’ pile. Readability isn’t only about whether your resume can be read or not. It is about including the crucial information that answers the hiring manager’s question ‘What can this person do for the company?’
  • Inaccurate dates. If you remember the dates very well, you can include them in your resume. But if you don’t remember them or you are a bit vague about them, it’s better not to write the dates at all.
  • Too much information. You want o include the information that is related to the vacancy. That’s why you need to read the vacancy and find out the qualities sought by the hiring manager. Once you understand what the company wants, then you can include the information and cut to the chase.


In the end, you want to include all the right details and information to increase your chances. Don’t forget about those details in your Architecture resume.

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