58+ Free Download Lab Report Format Template for Scientific Work

The lab report format is a document that helps the students, or someone who works in the laboratory to report the scientific process and result in the experiment. This format is designed to make students be able to:

  • Accomplish the scientific research
  • Give a hypothesis about specific stimulus and problems
  • Write down the reference, literature and other written works to support the hypothesis
  • Present the relevant statistic related to the hypothesis
  • Show the different explanation theoretically
  • Evaluate the methodology of the research in an objective way
  • Help the researcher to communicate the research process and result in communicative and easy way

The lab report format is not only important for the scientist or researcher, but also the students and other graders to help them practice writing report in an appropriate format. This is designed in a certain way so the research report comes out to be professional. Besides, it is also due to the research method has a chance to be part of research papers.

Types of Formal Lab Report Formats Templates

However, not all laboratory works need a report which is, in fact, the researchers only need to report their numerical findings. However, using the lab report format for writing the result is not a bad thing which later it will also ease you to evaluate and reconsider everything reported.

There are two kinds of lab report template you can use in our site, which are:

  • Lab Report Format Templates – This template only focus on the stimulus and problem and also this format also varies so you can pick the one that suits your need. Even our template provides you with details that help to write down the details. Or you can also pick the simplest template for simply write some details related to a lecture or other things. We have any kind of lab report templates from the chemistry report format, physics report format, science report format and also the biology report format.
  • Project Report Templates – This project report template brings the broader format so it can suit any kind of field. This report will not require you to write record the process of eh experiment, instead, you will write the other important things inside.

How To Write A Lab Report?


  • Title – The title should describe the experiment accurately.
  • Date – It consists of the date you started the experiment and when the day you completed the report.
  • Lab partners – Everyone who gets involved in the experiments including the institutions should get the credits.
  • Purpose – The objective of the experiment usually is the summary of the experiment.
  • Introduction – Describing why the topic in the research interesting and important to be explored and researched.
  • Materials – Special equipment and chemicals in the experiments.
  • Procedure – Steps in the experiment.
  • Data – The list of data which includes the numbers, graphs and so on that are obtained from the experiment.
  • Result – If you will perform calculations, then this is the result. Besides, it also contains analysis.
  • References – Any kind of resources used in the citation.

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